A double shot: Missing Windows Installer Cache Files

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The Windows Installer Cache Folder is a system folder hidden under C:WindowsInstaller. When you install software using Windows Installer, a copy of the changed system information is stored in this folder. The Windows Installer cache contains stored copies of installed updates applied by the installer.

This information is necessary if you later decide to uninstall the software. This information is not stored as complete files, but simply as a trigger MSI. If you delete some files or folders, you probably won’t be able to uninstall, repair or even update the program with Windows Installer. Therefore, you should never delete the contents of the Windows Installer folder.

However, if you discover that you cannot uninstall, repair or update some software, even if you have not deleted any files from the cache, the Windows Installer cache folder may have been corrupted. For example, Windows Installer cleans the installer cache when the %WINDIR%Installer directory owner changes SYSTEMs or administrators.

If you are thinking of copying missing installation files from another computer to this computer, this will not help because the cache files are unique to each system.

Windows Installer Cache Verifier Package

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Windows Installer Cache Verifier Package Troubleshooter can perform automatic diagnostics to identify solutions and determine if you are missing Windows Installer cache files.

To perform troubleshooting, visit Microsoft Fix it Center Pro and log in with your Microsoft account. The system displays a list of analysis packages. Locate and click Windows Install Cache Verifier Package. Give your analysis session a name and click Save. You need this name to see the analysis later.

Follow the on-screen instructions to download and run the Windows Install Cache Verifier package.

When you are finished, come here after about an hour to see the results of the analysis.

Look up the name you specified for your analysis session and see if any of the possible recommended solutions will help you.

Missing Windows Installer cache files

Microsoft support or third-party software cannot really help you recover missing files from the Windows Installer cache. You may need to reinstall the software or even recreate the operating system by reinstalling system restore points, system backups or even the operating system.

There are other system error messages that may occur due to missing Windows Installer cache files. For more information, see KB2667628

UPDATE : February 5, 2017 You can use this PowerShell Restore-InstallerFiles.ps1 script to find missing installation files and restore them from various sources such as the local folder, shared folder, or another computer accessible from the target computer. It is available on TechNet.

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