New Windows 10 WinKey keyboard shortcuts you want to know

Only admnistrator owned posts can execute the include me shortcodeWinKey +LEFT ARROWShow active window in left half of monitorWinKey +right arrow

Anchor the active window in the right half of the monitorMaximum maximize restore or minimize the active window vertically and horizontallyWinKey +down arrow. of the active windowWinKey +SHIFT UP ARROWMaxim the active window vertically, while maintaining the current width.WinKey +SHIFT+
DOWN ARROWRestore or minimize the vertically active window.

WinKey +SHIFT+LEFT ARROWWith multiple monitors, move the active window to the left monitor.

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WinKey  +Ctrl+F4Exit the desktop you are using

Windows 10 introduced these new shortcuts later:

  • WinKey+Alt+D : opens the date and time
  • WinKey+Shift+C : opens Cortana
  • WinKey+. Open the Emoji panel.

Let me know if you found a new WinKey shortcut or if I missed anything.

UPDATE: Read the comments for some additional key combinations.

You can see the complete list of shortcuts in Windows 10, Windows Store Apps and IE at Microsoft.

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Only admnistrator owned posts can execute the include me shortcode[toggle title=”Related Video”][/toggle]

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