Outpost Security Suite, a complete free Internet security suite for Windows

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Agnitum released Outpost Security Suite FREE v 7.1. It now includes a second anti-malware engine that focuses specifically on spyware, adware and Trojans.

The unique combination of two modules (antivirus and antispyware) as part of Agnitum’s complete anti-malware offers more security to Windows users.

Free edition users can now switch between Automatic (default) and Manual. Previously, Outpost Security Suite FREE users were limited to one update per day. But now you can get it as soon as it’s available.

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The only difference between Outpost Free and Outpost Pro in this case is that the Pro product has a larger bandwidth and works in Priority Update mode.

This makes Outpost Security Suite FREE a complete Internet security suite !

In addition to increased security protection, Agnitum added a German interface to support its second largest global audience.

Outpost Security Suite Free Benefits:

  • The first completely free security suite
  • The latest technology – based on Outpost Security Suite Pro 7
  • VB100 Certified Virus Protection
  • Award winning Personal Firewall
  • Matousec Certified Leak Tests. Com
  • Automatic and manual signature updates
  • Automatic optimal configuration immediately after installation
  • Easy solution that does not slow down systems
  • Total compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 – 32 bits and 64 bits.

Download : Download Outpost Suite

Does anyone using OSS Free want to share their experience with them?

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