How to Fix Failed to Login Bad Login Tekkit

You may not be able to log in to Tekkit due to a damaged cache or Technic Launcher installation. In addition, an outdated Minecraft installation may also cause a current connection failure. The affected user has an error when trying to participate in a multiplayer game or trying to connect to the server. The problem may occur on Windows, Mac and Linux. In some cases the user has encountered a problem after updating his Tekkit server. The error affected most users who have migrated accounts.

Before troubleshooting, make sure that all Minecraft servers are enabled and working to remove the error message. Also make sure that your internet connection is working correctly. Also make sure that Java is updated to the latest version. read more

How to Always Start Firefox Browser in Private Browsing Mode

If you use Firefox and do not want it to follow every website you visit, you can configure the browser to always use the private browsing mode. Once you close all your Firefox windows, nothing of your browsing history is saved.

The private browsing mode does not guarantee complete privacy, but it does prevent your browser from storing your history, searches, cookies and other private information between browsing sessions. You can always start your browser in private browsing mode if you prefer.

Most people will not want to use private browsing mode permanently. You will need to log in to the websites you use each time you open your browser, as it does not store cookies that maintain your log-in status. read more

How to Fix IPv6 No Internet Access

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IP), which is intended to complement and possibly replace Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4). Nevertheless, many Internet services still use the old protocol. All devices that use the Internet, such as computers or mobile phones, need an IP address to communicate with other devices on the network. The number of users of Internet services is increasing every day, which is why IPv6 was created (more IP addresses available if IPv4 is overloaded). read more

Fix Hyper-V Virtual Machine Stuck in Stopping State

If for any reason your virtual machine running on Hyper-V stops working, stops responding and does not start / does not end / does not reboot after pressing the appropriate buttons on the Hyper-V console, your only option to solve this problem is to kill it by force. The process responsible for this virtual machine in the host operating system. We are going to show you how to forcefully restart Hyper-V dependent virtual machines running on Windows Server 2016/2019 without rebooting the entire host and running virtual machines (if you don’t have a Hyper-V. HA cluster and without a live migration). read more

How to Fix: Could not Reconnect All Network Drives

If you have assigned a network drive to automatically connect when you connect, the AutoPlay service displays the “All network drives cannot be mapped when you connect” notification if Windows cannot connect for some reason.

In this case, you often just need to open the connected network drive to connect. This makes this notification unnecessary or annoying if it is always displayed every time you log on.

In this tutorial we will teach you how to disable the “Not all network drives can be recovered at login” notification for all Windows 10 users. read more

Fix Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet Driver Stops Working in Windows 10

For most users who upgrade their system using Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS or another laptop or desktop computer from Windows 7, 8 to Windows 10, a non-functioning Broadcom Ethernet adapter is a problem.

Broadcom produces many types of network cards and works with relatively large computer manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo and others. Your desktop or laptop computer may have a Broadcom network card, such as a Gigabit NetLink adapter or Gigabit Netxtreme adapter. If your Broadcom network card has stopped working, this article can help you to fix it. read more

Fix Error Code 19 “Cannot start this hardware device” on Windows 10

The error code 19 is one of several error codes of the Device Manager. This is due to one or more problems with the Windows registry pieces that contain the driver and other information about a particular hardware device.

Error Code 19 almost always manifests itself in two ways:

  1. Windows cannot start this hardware because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. To solve this problem, you need to remove and then reinstall the hardware device.
  2. Windows cannot start this hardware because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or corrupted. To solve this problem, the first thing you can do is to try running the Troubleshooting Wizard. If this does not work, you need to remove and then reinstall the hardware device.

Error code 19 can be applied to any hardware device in Device Manager. However, most Code 19 errors occur on optical drives such as DVD and CD drives, USB devices and keyboards.

Edit the corresponding registry entry

WARNING: Incorrect registry editing can cause serious system problems. Be sure to follow the step-by-step instructions. It is recommended to make a backup copy of the registry in case you want to restore it. read more

How to Fix Call of Duty Dev Error 6068 on Windows 10

Call of Duty: Warzone has quite a solid release so far, and gamers really liked the last release of Activision in Battle Royale genre. But due to the fact that all good things go wrong, the game suffers from random crashes and problems with optimization.

The mistake encountered by the players was a fatal failure in which the game hangs, and then the following message was displayed:

DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error

This error occurs when players load multiple screens for a multiplayer game or try to open the cat scene for one player. Players encounter this bug with code 6065 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare due to the latest GPU drivers. If this is the case, they may return to the old GPU drivers and the problem will be solved. read more

How to Fix Ethernet Port Not Working on Windows 10

If you have Wi-Fi, but your wired Ethernet connection does not work, you must first turn off the Wi-Fi. You will not believe this, but it may tell you that Ethernet is working. If Windows has access to both, Ethernet has the highest priority, but it displays the Wi-Fi icon in the notification area. Right-click the icon, go to “Open Network and Internet Settings”, then open the “Wi-Fi” tab and turn off the menu.

Even if this does not solve your problem, it may be easier to perform the following tests. You will immediately see if Ethernet is working. This is exactly what you need to know. read more

How to Get macOS-like Dynamic Desktop on Windows 10

When MacOS Mojave was released earlier this month, one of its best features was something called Dynamic Desktop. This feature allows you to change the desktop background during the day to one of 16 images of the same Mojave Desert scene that reflects your computer’s current time. In Windows 10, there is a tool called WinDynamicDesktop.

When a user installs WinDynamicDesktop, the program asks him where he lives. It then uses this information to determine the correct sunrise and sunset times for your location in order to display the right pictures. It then downloads the 16 high-resolution images used by the MacOS Mojava DynamicDesktop function and has Windows review them throughout the day. read more