How to Record Gameplay on PS4

Playing alone is very good, but often better than a shared experience. Even if you play alone, you can share the highlights of your game with your friends by posting video clips of your favourite moments on social media. Luckily, the PS4 has built-in video recording capabilities for these kinds of things.

Not only can you start recording to capture the game as it starts, but the PS4 always records the last 15 minutes of the game, so it’s easy to save a great moment that just happened.

How do I Record Gameplay on the PS4?

  • Start playing. To get started, simply launch the game you want to capture. Remember that you can’t currently share video clips or the PS4 menu interface.
  • Once the game is loaded, play until you come across something cool. The PS4 automatically saves the recordings of the last 15 minutes of the game.
  • Use the “Share” button. Click the “Share” button on your controller when you’re ready to edit and share your clip. This will automatically open the options for uploading videos or screenshots. Click on “Upload Video”.
  • You will see a selection of recently recorded PS4 clips. Note that they don’t have to be 15 minutes long; each time you click the “Share” button, the PS4 will stop recording and start again. Select the video that contains the part of the game you want to share.

How to Edit PS4 Recordings on your PC

We’ll show you how to take your PS4 recording, place it in blockbuster movies, add overlays, intros and music, and then export it. First you need to transfer your PS4 recording from your USB stick to your PC. read more

Fix Adobe Acro­bat Reader DC Icon Not Showing

Adobe Acrobat Reader contains the thumbnail extractor and a shell extension for the preview manager that creates PDF thumbnails and a preview of the file in the preview window of the file explorer. PDF thumbnails can be enabled or disabled in the Adobe Reader preferences dialog box.

After Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is installed, the corresponding icon in the system tray will not be displayed each time the program is started. Instead, I could only see a generic-looking icon that resembled the native Photos application. The problem even affected the program’s Start menu entries. read more

How to Rename Hard Drive on Windows 10

By default, your computer’s hard drives use the same name “Local Disk”. They use drive letters such as C, D, E, F, etc. to distinguish between different hard drives. Sometimes you may want to change the name of the hard drive to make identification easier. In this article, we will show you how to rename the hard drive in Windows 10.

Use the Disk Management Console to Rename Drive in Windows 10

If you do not like the drive letter assigned to a drive, or if you have a drive that does not have a drive letter yet, you can change it using Disk Management. read more

How to Change to Invisible Status in Discord

Sometimes this epic raid really takes you and all your attention in the game, or maybe you really need to focus on Sombra’s last clue to find the next step in the puzzle. Discord has 4 different online statuses that allow you to choose how you affect others and focus on other areas if necessary.

If you set yourself as Invisible, you will appear completely offline, but you can still access all the places of Discord as usual. This includes the ability to send messages to your friends without appearing online. read more

How to Turn Off Windows Defender on Windows 10

In Windows 10, Windows Defender Antivirus is a free and reliable anti-malware feature designed to protect your device and data from unwanted viruses, ransom demands, spyware, and many other forms of malware, and even hackers. While this is sufficient for most users, it is sometimes advisable to disable your virus protection either permanently or temporarily.


For example, if you are not convinced by the solution. You need to perform a specific task that requires you to disable the function of your device. You install a kiosk computer that does not want to connect to the network. Or you need to comply with your company’s security policies. read more

How to Disable Opera Promotional Notifications on Desktop

When you install the Opera web browser, you may receive occasional advertising notifications on your desktop. Recently, the message “Welcome to Opera” notification on a Windows 10 system is being shown, saying that Opera’s built-in ad blocker has improved page load times by up to 90%.

The command prompt included a “Try Now” and “Don’t Show More” option as well as a button to close the page. I have never seen Opera advertise its own products using the notification system. read more

How to Disable Taskbar Transparency Effects in Windows 10

It’s not the Aero Glass of Windows Vista, but the transparency effects of Windows 10 are certainly not for everyone. Transparency effects are visible by default in the Start Menu, Taskbar and Action Center, although they can easily be turned off if they’re not your cup of tea.

To Disable Taskbar Transparency in Windows 10

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Go to Customization -> Colors
  • You can open this page directly. Press the Win + R key combination on your keyboard and enter the following information in the “Run” field
  • ms-Settings:Colours
  • Scroll down the page to the “More Options” section.
  • Uncheck the Transparency Effects option.
registry editor - Another installation is in progress in Windows 10

Editing the Registry

  • Even if you don’t download the registration files, it’s always good to know what has been changed, just in case. Make sure you make a backup copy of the registry first.
  • Open Regedit and create two DWORDs (32-bit value):
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced named UseOLEDTaskbarTransparency
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Dwm called ForceEffectMode.
    Double-click on each new DWORD and change the data value from 1 to Enable and 2 to Disable.Right-click and delete both DWORDS later if you change your mind.


    It’s a good thing that Microsoft decided to implement a native method to disable taskbar transparency in Windows 10. It has been well received by many users. Tell us in the comments which taskbar you prefer – transparent or opaque? read more

How to View Saved Wifi Pass­words on Mac

Wi-Fi passwords can be difficult to remember and sometimes difficult to retrieve if the router or information is not easily accessible to users. If you’ve already accessed the wireless network on a Mac, AppleInsider explains how to use keychain access to retrieve your Wi-Fi password.

In most cases, it is fairly easy to find the Wi-Fi network password, especially on home routers where the password can be changed through a software interface, or on some ISP routers that are printed on the side of the network device. On a workstation, it can be so easy to request technical support. read more

How to Delete Unwanted Desktop.ini Files

The desktop.ini file is a hidden file that stores information about the layout of a Windows folder. Essentially, when the layout or settings of a folder are changed, a desktop.ini file is automatically created to record those changes.

Can it be deleted?

The desktop.ini file can technically be deleted from any directory, although this is not recommended. Note that the file stores the settings associated with the folder it is contained in, and deleting it will reset the settings to the defaults. For example, if you change the icon of a folder and then delete the desktop.ini file, the icon will revert back to what it was before. read more