Howe To Fix: Google Chrome Won’t Clear Browsing History and Data

Google Chrome is the most popular browser. Nowadays, we search for hundreds of websites every day, leaving a record of browser history. Google uses browser history to optimize and improve our web browsing experience. However, sometimes Chrome users cannot delete their web browser history, data, cache and cookies. In this article, we will guide you through specific settings that will help you clear your browser’s history on Chrome. We will start this guide by mentioning common methods. At the end of the article, we will talk about much more advanced methods that will certainly help you to delete the Chrome history. read more

How to Fix: Spotify Randomly Lowering Sound on Windows 10

Users running multimedia software on current versions of Windows may have encountered a strange event: The volume of their multimedia applications – Windows Media Player, iTunes, Plex, etc. – may be too high. – is automatically reduced when they run certain games or programs such as Skype. It can be incredibly frustrating, but it’s not a mistake. The Windows act that automatically reduces the volume of some applications is actually the operating system that tries to help you. This is why this is happening and how you can politely refuse Redmond’s help. read more

How To Fix: VPN Connecting Only after a Restart

Some windows seem to have a recurring problem where the VPN connection (established by the integrated installation) cannot be restored after disconnecting the connection. However, the connection is successful if the user restarts the system. The problem occurs mainly under Windows 10 with PPTP connection. In most cases, the error’Can’t connect to xxxxxxxx’ appears.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an essential online tool to increase your privacy and security on the Internet. However, VPN problems can lead to a loss of VPN connections and error messages. Fortunately, there are a number of patches that you can try. read more

How To Fix: Jumping Mouse Scroll Wheel on Windows 10

The scroll wheel of the “Jump” mouse normally appears while the user scrolls down with the mouse. It appears on PCs and laptops and is not exclusive to a particular version of the Windows operating system. When you scroll down the page, the page or anything that can be scrolled up goes up a few pixels and it can be very annoying.

The optical wheel is part of the scroll wheel in the upper middle of the screen. For your finger, it’s just a rubber wheel with a mechanical impact. A part of the optical wheel to which it is attached is housed in a U-shaped plastic housing and uses a rotary switch. Other models use a plastic slot wheel and an optical slot sensor as well as an LED for encoders and decoders (infrared). It counts both steering and steps when you move the wheel. He knows in which direction you turn the wheel by closing and opening the contacts, depending on how it is moved, different times, and the same goes for optical pulses that start at different times in the same way. read more

How To: Disable Hyper-V on Windows 10

Hyper-V is not a tool for inexperienced PC users. It is a utility that replaces Microsoft Virtual PC and allows multiple operating systems to run on a single device. Hyper-V makes life easier for software developers, IT professionals or technical professionals who choose to work or experiment with multiple operating systems, including different versions of Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows. The use of the tool does not require the injection of physical material into the machines. Hyper-V transforms different operating systems into virtual machines (“guests”) running in parallel on a single computer (“hosts”). read more


ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED error may appear in your browser when a resource is configured on your reverse proxy and backend communication is working. In other words, the backend returns data, but not in the form expected by the browser. For example: the browser expects a response from the GZIP, but receives plain text. As a result, the decoding of the index content failed. Content received, but the browser is not able to decode / understand the data.

To fix this error, reset the Accept-Code header of the encoding request in your Reverse Proxy configuration. read more

What is Browser_Broker.exe? Is it Safe?

If you run Microsoft Edge Browser and see the Task Manager, you can see that the Browser_Broker.exe process also works in the background. When you close the Edge Browser browser, this process also disappears.

For your information, this process is linked to the Microsoft Edge browser and must run in the background for the browser to work, and you cannot simply exit the Browser_Broker.exe process by selecting it and clicking the “Exit Task” button, you cannot do this and it will not happen. read more

Repair Couldn’t open PDF in Edge: Something’s keeping this PDF from opening

Older versions of Windows such as 7, 8 or 8.1 did not have a standard PDF viewer pre-installed. Since the release of Windows 10, users do not necessarily need to install a third-party tool to view PDF files, as the PDF viewing function is integrated with Microsoft Edge. Therefore, when installing Windows 10, Microsoft Edge appears not only as the default Internet browser, but also as the default PDF viewer.

When someone clicks on a PDF file, the system automatically starts MS Edge. Unfortunately, many people have reported problems with Edge when opening PDF files. Usually, this problem occurs after the installation of Windows 10 Creators Update or sometimes after regular updates. read more

What is wab.exe file? Should I remove it?

Windows 10 is a huge operating system. There are more than a billion files that support the global function of a computer. One of these files is the wab.exe. It weighs about 0.5 megabytes and is developed by Microsoft itself. It refers to Windows contacts and is called the Windows Address Book. This means that it is used to store addresses, contact information, email addresses and more for applications such as People App, Windows Mail and Outlook from Microsoft Office, etc.

What is wab.exe?

wab.exe is a legitimate process file known as the Windows Address Book. It is connected to the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is located in C:\Default program files. read more

How To: Change Default Font, Color, Style, and Size in Microsoft Outlook

If you don’t like the default look of Outlook, you may want to know how to change fonts, sizes and colors in Outlook to your liking.

Most of them can be modified, but the way this happens is scattered between different Windows and Outlook settings, and even then they are not in the same place. Some sections may even be modified in different ways to achieve the same or similar results.

This guide provides an overview of how you can change the section in Outlook and whether it should be done at the Outlook or Windows level. read more