How to Delete Network Folder with Thumbs.db File

Windows sometimes creates a thumbs.db file for a specific folder to quickly display thumbnails. You will only see the thumbs.db files if you set Windows/File Explorer to show hidden files, but they are there. On a modern PC, they are completely harmless… and useless. But they can cause problems.

A thumbs.db file can sometimes prevent Windows from deleting a folder simply because Windows keeps the thumbs.db file open. On a network where several computers access the same folders, this can be a big problem. read more

How To: Change the Case of Text in Word and Google Docs

We are slowly moving towards the online platform, and Google Docs is one of the best ways to write documents online and send them effortlessly by email or other means. But we all used Microsoft Word in the early days, and we still use it from time to time, but there’s no doubt that Google Docs is one of the most convenient ways to write documents from an existing platform. Although Google Docs is one of the best online alternatives to Microsoft Word and offers almost all the important features of Microsoft Word and most other offline editing programs, it still lacks some features. read more

How to Create a Looping PowerPoint Slides in a Presentation

Creating a self-managed PowerPoint, as Microsoft calls it, can be a great addition to your company’s booth at industry conventions or conferences. By presenting photos, graphics and key points in an endless loop, you can inform passers-by about your company, its objectives and your products or services.

Automatic presentation playback is also ideal for staff training, for meetings where the speaker is not present, and for reaching customers or clients remotely. Microsoft offers simple steps to turn your PowerPoint presentation into an Autoplay presentation. read more

Stop Background Apps from Running When Microsoft Edge Is Closed

Microsoft Edge happens to be the default browser provided with the Windows 10 package.

Apart from everything Edge brags about, there’s one aspect that doesn’t appeal to everyone: its tendency to spend all the time in the background.

But this is very much the way Windows 10 works, with the ability to let all applications run in the background at all times.

Microsoft explains that this is a deliberate design choice, allowing the application to be updated at any time, which in turn can keep the user informed through timely notifications. read more

How To: Access Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Files on Windows 10

The connection between Linux and Windows is getting closer and closer. Now that Microsoft has supported Linux with the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), it is doing what users have asked it to do: The Windows 10 April 2019 update allows access to Linux files from Windows.

Version 1903 of Windows 10 not only gives you the ability to open Linux files in the Explorer, but also the ability to edit Linux files on Windows.

One of the most surprising things about Windows 10 is that you can activate a Windows subsystem for Linux, install a Linux distribution like Ubuntu, and then run Linux commands in a Bash shell.

What is a Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL)?

The Windows for Linux Subsystem (WSL) is a new feature of Windows 10 that allows you to run native Linux command line tools directly on Windows in addition to your traditional Windows desktop applications and modern shop applications.

This feature has been available in one form or another since early 2016, but Microsoft is constantly working to improve the way Windows and Linux can be shared.

For example, you couldn’t start Windows applications from a Linux terminal at an early stage. Now you can. And although you have been able to access Windows files from a Linux terminal for some time now, it is not the opposite that happens. But it will be soon.

How to access Ubuntu files (Windows subsystem) from Windows 10

Although we show this tutorial for the Ubuntu subsystem, the process will be the same for other systems installed on the WSL, such as OpenSUSE, Kali, and others.

The address at which Windows 10 WSL stores the Linux environment file: %user profile%AppDataLocal packages

To access Linux WSL files on Windows 10, do the following.

  • Enable the WSL function.
  • Install Distro, for example Ubuntu, and start it.
  • If you are in a directory under Linux FS, type explorer.
  • This will open a File Explorer window located inside your Linux distribution.
  • read more

    How to Repair: There is a problem with this website’s security certificate

    When loading pages such as Twitter, Facebook, eBay or other legitimate domains, have you noticed the error “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate”? This is a common problem encountered by users of Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows. The problem is not defined by a specific web browser, as people have reported this security certificate problem through Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others.

    Some people cannot launch a particular website, while others cannot access a number of legitimate domains. According to Microsoft experts, the error “There is a problem with the security certificate for this site” may occur if the site’s certificate is not installed correctly or if a trusted root certificate from the Certification Authority (CA) is not installed. read more

    Fixing COD Modern Warfare Dev Error 6328

    The recent publication of the Call to Duty (Modern Warfare) is surrounded by much controversy. The game was riddled with bugs and problems upon its release, some of which continue to wreak havoc on the PC gamer base months after the release. One of the most common problems of this type is deviation error 6328, which usually occurs when the player tries to start the game or while waiting in the multiplayer lobby.

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a reboot that should revolutionize the COD franchise. With a completely redesigned game engine, COD Modern Warfare offers some of the best visuals of this generation. However, the PC version of the game is riddled with bugs and problems such as development errors, 100% CPU usage, etc. The PC version of the game is also full of bugs and problems. Below is a list of errors and problems encountered by players, as well as bug fixes and workarounds. read more

    Unable to launch the Java update installer error in Windows Fix

    The modern Internet browser does not require the installation of Java on Windows. However, millions of users still use the old version of Windows and need Java to perform certain tasks. However, when you update Java, you may not be able to launch the Java Update installer, and the process may be interrupted by a user error.

    Another similar error is that Java(TM) Update cannot start the Java(TM) Update installer: the requested operation requires an increase.

    This error may be due to administrator rights issues. In this article, we show you how to resolve the “Java Update Installer cannot start” error in Windows. read more

    Ethernet Properties Error: An unexpected error occurred

    This message may appear in the Network Connections folder when opening the properties of a network connection. The registry settings for the network connection may be corrupted.

    Try re-registering the netshell.dll and ole32.dll files.

    To do this, open the command prompt and run the following commands:

    Regsvr32 %SystemRoot%\System32\netshell.dll
    Regsvr32 %SystemRoot%\System32\ole32.dll
    • Press ok when prompted.
    • Press OK.
    • Restart your device

    IP Reset

    1.Open the Windows Command Prompt (CMD) You can simply type cmd in the Windows search You should manage cmd better as an administrator.

    2. When the Windows command prompt is open, type the following: read more

    What are Firefox Containers and How to Use Them?

    Firefox Containers allow you to classify your browsing activities and divide cookies and other browser memories. Essentially, they prevent websites from tracking your Internet browsing and prevent them from searching for and tracking you outside of their own Containers. This is an excellent alternative to deleting your cookies and cache or rejecting cookies, as this can damage many websites.

    What are Firefox Containers?

    A unique way to prevent cookies from tracking you is to isolate them, just as we do to keep them in different containers. But in this case we use Firefox Containers. Note that you can also block all third-party cookies in the browser, and this should also apply to most cookie-based tracking. read more