How to Change Recycle Bin Icon

The Recycle Bin is one of the most important tools of the Windows operating system. It acts as the same filter that helps you review the things you have deleted before permanently deleting them from your computer. The tool allows you to restore deleted images so you don’t lose any of your data. Windows 10 has fine-tuned the look of the tool, and if you want, you can customize it. The following tutorial shows you how to change the default recycle bin icon in Windows 10.

Changing the Recycle Bin icon in Windows 10

  1. right-click on the desktop, select Customize > click “Change desktop icons
  2. Select “Trash (full)” and click “Change Icon”, click “Browse” and navigate to the drive installed in Windows 8, Windows > System 32 and select imgres.dll and click “Open”, browse and select the “Trash (full)” icon and click “OK”.
  3. in Windows 10, in the same way, select the “Trash (empty)” icon and change it in the same way

To restore the trashcan icon to its default settings, simply select the icon in the desktop icon settings and click the “Restore Default Settings” button. read more

How to Embed Content and Documents in Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway allows users to integrate web content and documents via an integration map within it. This feature allows you to create interactive presentations, reports, stories, etc. in the content presentation application. We have already seen how to search and add content in Microsoft Sway. To integrate content into Microsoft Sway now, follow the instructions in the next article.

Microsoft has been working hard to improve its content creation tool in Microsoft Sway. The web application now allows users to embed web content, such as videos, audio clips, maps, etc., into Microsoft Sway. read more

How to Fix Error Code 800f0922 in Windows 10

When you run a particular application, you may receive error code 800f0922 and the program then closes automatically.

Another symptom of this error is that the operating system slows down keyboard and mouse input a bit when you try to do your daily activities in Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, making it very difficult to work on your operating system.

Creating a Backup Key for Windows

  • Left-click on the “Start” button on the home screen.
  • In the search box that appears, you must type Order.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl and Shift keys.
  • While holding down the above buttons, press the Enter key.
  • A User Account Control window will open and you must left-click or press the Yes button.
  • You must write regedit in the window.
  • Press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • A Registry Editor window should open.
  • Select Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 in the Registry Editor by left-clicking it with the left mouse button.
  • In the upper left corner of the Registry Editor window, left-click on the File function.
  • In the File menu, left-click on the Export option.
  • In the next window, you must select the directory where you want to store the backup key for Windows 10, 8.1.
  • In the field next to File name, you must enter a name for the backup you want to create.
  • In the box next to “Export Range”, select the “Selected Branch” function by clicking on it with the left mouse button.
  • Click the left mouse button or press the “Save” button.
  • Once you have decided to save the backup file, it will appear with the .reg extension.
  • Now that you have created a backup copy of the tabs, click on the link below with the left mouse button.
  • Download the application to fix error code 800f0922
  • After left-clicking or typing on the link above, select the Save File function and install it in your system.
  • Start the application by double-clicking (left-clicking) on the executable file and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • When the application completes, restart the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 device.

Disable the antivirus software and install the update.


Antivirus software is the most important software for your computer. It can sometimes be disabled because new or updated versions are installed.

Repairing Windows system files

  • Open the command prompt once it can be executed and check the SFC scan.
  • SFC/Scan now
  • The process of repairing the System File Checker for Windows system files is now complete.
  • Once this can be done, the system can be restarted.
  • Finally, try to check for updates in Windows.


There you have it, you now have a few more ways to correct error code 800f0922 in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Please also write to us below if you have any problems or questions during this tutorial. read more

Enable or Disable Windows 10 Game Mode Feature

Game mode is a feature of Windows 10 that focuses system resources on games when it is enabled. Gaming mode doesn’t have much effect on higher-level systems, but if you tend to multitask or run many processes in the background, gaming mode might be useful. Also, Microsoft plans to improve this feature in future updates, so it’s at least useful to know where it is.

When you use Game Mode, Windows puts your gaming experience first. When you launch a game, the :

Prevents Windows Update from installing drivers and sending restart notifications.
This results in a more stable frame rate depending on the game and system. read more

How to Delete a Comment on Instagram

No one likes stupid typos, but fortunately you can correct them if you make them in Instagram. It’s a feature that’s been around for a while, but it’s a little buried and you may not have noticed it.

To delete a comment on your own or someone else’s post, press the “Comment” button and drag the cursor to the left over your comment. You can then press the trash can icon to delete your comment.

As for editing, you can edit your comment on your own posts. Just touch the icon with the three dots on your post and then touch Edit. You can correct typos, add a place or mark people. read more

How to Fix Parsec Error 15000

The 15000 analysis error could be caused by outdated graphics drivers or conflicting streaming applications. An error in the video driver or incorrect configuration may also cause the error message.

Full error message:

We couldn’t initialize the hosting functionality on the computer you’re connecting to. Try changing the monitor Parsec is capturing in hosting settings or check out this support article for more information.
Code: -15000

Nvidia Driver Update

If your PC is equipped with a Nvidia GeForce graphics card, it is important to keep the drivers up to date. New versions often include performance improvements for new games or fixes for problems caused by Windows updates. read more

How to Update Nintendo Switch

Like most things, your Nintendo Switch needs an update from time to time. The latest update prepares you for the latest games and adds new features or fixes bugs that have caused you problems in the past. Updating your Nintendo Switch couldn’t be easier, but here’s a quick look at how to perform an update and what you can find in the latest software for your switch!

In most cases, Nintendo will automatically notify you when there is an update for your switch. You will then see a pop-up window like the one shown above, telling you that you need to make an update. When you see this screen, simply press “Update” to continue. read more

How to Fix Unallocated Space Error on USB Drive or SD Card

Have you ever experienced the following problem: your SD card or USB stick suddenly appears unassigned or even stops working on your PC? After that, you can neither access the data nor store new data on it. Many users have encountered the following problem: a used storage device, such as a hard disk, USB stick, SD card or pen, is missing in the file explorer and marked as “unallocated” in disk management, which is quite confusing and annoying.

A USB stick is a removable disk and is therefore more susceptible to viruses and worms than hard drives. As a result, the problem of unassigned USB sticks is more common. read more


The error is caused by a defective or damaged driver. This code is primarily used by Windows and other vendors of Windows companion software and drivers. This error code is often used to identify the error caused by the manufacturer. The technical description and numeric error number are included in the error code 0x0000000C.MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS_EXCEEDED. The instruction where it was loaded at the time of the error is the address of the memory locations of the additional hexadecimal code.

If Windows system files are corrupted or damaged, the 0x0000000C.MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS_EXCEEDED error occurs. There are many reasons why you may find these errors on your computer, such as unacceptable removal of applications and hardware, incomplete installation, incomplete uninstallation. Damaged files in the Windows system may be damaged by the above activations. read more

How to Fix 0x0000000D Printer Connection Error

You received this post because Microsoft’s system error code 0x0000000D is displayed on your system. Due to the complexity of some system error codes, we have developed an automatic system repair tool that decodes all codes and sets 0x0000000D on your computer.

The Windows 0x0000000D error occurs when your operating system is misconfigured, important system files are lost or damaged. This is a common problem on computers that are not regularly maintained. The system becomes overloaded with problems, crashes, and displays errors. read more