Using the Install function on my Microsoft Store devices

If you use an Android phone, you should know that you can install all Google Play Store applications on your Android device directly from the Google Play website on your PC. Well, Microsoft deploys a feature similar to its Microsoft Store website, which is called Install on my devices. Previously, it was only available for installing applications on the current device. That is, when a user clicks the’Install’ button on the Microsoft Store web page, they redirect the user to the UWP version of the Microsoft Store that displays the page for the same application, and they simply install it. But now they are taking the next step. read more

The Windows computer generates a beep when it is turned on

Some users report that, for some reason, their computer cannot be turned on and beep several times or continuously when they try to turn on the computer. It can be boring, but if we’re right, it won’t be an easy software solution.

Probably your problem has nothing to do with Windows 10, but with your system hardware. As you can see, a computer is designed to provide audible error sounds when certain hardware does not function properly.

When you hear a single beep , your GPU may cause problems. When you hear two beeps, it means that your RAM is not working properly. Three beeps that repeat when the computer is turned on after a pause indicate a system memory problem. However, if your PC beeps constantly, it simply means that the processor is affected. You can consult the list of Beep Codes for more information. read more

How to prevent Windows 10 from installing unwanted storage applications

Windows 10 now comes with some preinstalled store applications. This article describes how to prevent or stop installing, reinstalling or upgrading unwanted Microsoft Store applications and advertising for those applications.

Microsoft released Windows 10 as a service. With this concept, Microsoft is in a place where it can make free advertising offers, services, applications and other components available. It was the concept that first made Windows 10 free for consumers and, at the same time, allowed Microsoft to make some money from it. read more

How to disable active monitoring in CCleaner Free

In the current CCleaner 5.45 version of Piriform/Avast, it is difficult to disable active monitoring. This caused angry public reactions about the malfunction of the’Active Monitoring’ function. Even if you try to disable it via CCleaner Settings > Monitoring, it will start monitoring again on restart.

Active Monitoring allows CCleaner Free to monitor your installation for updates or new versions in the background, so you don’t have to worry about staying up to date. If you prefer CCleaner not to monitor your system, you can disable active monitoring by following the steps above. read more

iCloud photos that are not downloaded or displayed under Windows 10

iCloud seems to be the ideal way to share and view your photos stored on Apple devices. The same can be downloaded from the iCloud Photo Library/My Photo Stream and stored on a Windows PC. However, an error can occur halfway through the process, preventing you from completing the task. If you’ve been constantly bothered by this problem, don’t get angry! Read on to find a permanent solution to this problem.

iCloud photos not downloaded under Windows 10

Here are some solutions you can try!

1: Configure iCloud Photos

If iCloud is installed on your PC, check the’Photo Options’ window to see if you have configured iCloud Photos correctly to upload your photos. read more

Windows 10 connects to these websites after a new installation

Applies from Windows 10 version

svchost net1709

The following end point is used to download applications from the Microsoft Store.

  • Source Process
  • Protocol
  • Target

The target Applies from Windows 10 version

svchost com

  • The following terminals allow connections to Windows Update, Microsoft Update and online shop services.

Source Process



The target Applies from Windows 10 version<1709


The following end point is used for content control.

  • Source Process
  • Protocol
  • Target

The target Applies from Windows 10 version</tkörper> read more

How to center the system tray icons on Windows 10

On Windows 10, the taskbar icons are left aligned by default. We have all experienced this practice for a long time. However, some Windows users want to center the icons on the taskbar. You can use a free launcher or dock, but you can also follow the tip described in this article. This placement is similar to macOS doc, which is located at the bottom center of the screen and is very convenient for accessing favorite or frequently used applications.

As you probably already know, Windows 10 makes it easy to change the alignment of icons on the taskbar. You can also use third-party tools to change the default icon alignment in the center of the taskbar. If you want to center the system tray icons in Windows 10, here is a step-by-step guide to making the change. read more

A VB script DLL file could not be saved under Windows 10/8/7

If you open Outlook 20016 or another program on your Windows 10/8/7 PC, you will receive a message – Registration failure of a VB Script DLL. Install or run Regsvr32.exe Vbscript.dll for self-registration; then this message may help. To solve this problem, you must re-save the file vbscript.dll.

Saving a failed VB DLL script

In the WinX menu, open the command prompt as administrator, type the following and press Enter :

regsvr32. exe vbscript.dll

The affected DLL file will be rewritten using the Windows OS tool regsvr32.exe. The Regsvr32 read more

Different types of Windows updates

If you have ever used a Windows device, you may have encountered frequent updates just before turning off your computer. Sometimes your device will ask you to install important updates. Then there are six annual feature updates, which are also essential ! What are all these Windows Updates? What is the difference between different types of Windows updates? Let’s take a look at it. First let’s check the difference between Windows updates and Microsoft updates.

Windows Updates vs. Microsoft Updates

Windows Updates refers to updates and service packs available for Windows operating systems. Microsoft, as a software giant, also updates its other products such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft OneDrive and other such products. All updates that apply to the entire operating system, MS Office, OneDrive, and other things like games, etc. are called Microsoft Updates. Updates that only apply to the operating system are Windows updates. You can say that Windows Update is a subset of Microsoft Updates. read more

More information on Windows 10 Update Rate

It’s been years since Microsoft released the patch on Tuesday. Every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft releases updates and bug fixes. John Wilcox of Microsoft recently published a detailed blog post on the Windows 10 update service cadence. This blog post will help you understand the context of Microsoft’s update policy.

Updates published on the second Tuesday of each month are the most important and important of all monthly updates and are the only ones to include new security fixes read more