LockPic App offers more images for your Windows 8 Lock Screen

There are many Windows 8 applications in the Windows 8 store and many are regularly added in different categories. There are paid and free applications. Today I found an application called LockPic – a free application that allows you to change your Windows 8 Lock Screen image quickly and easily. Lock Screen is the screen that displays various notifications when the computer is locked with a beautiful background image.

By default, Windows 8 has some lock screens and you can change the lock screen in Start > Charm Bar > Settings > PC Settings > Customize you have the Lock Screen option. This LockPic application offers tons of free images for the LockScreen read more

Klee combines the advantages of Windows Explorer and Google Chrome

Would you like your Windows file explorer to be multifunctional? Clover is free software that connects Windows Explorer and Google Chrome. The concept behind this software is that the multifunctionality of Google Chrome is available for Windows Explorer. For example, it installs Google Chrome as tabs in Windows Explorer. Not only tabs, but also an option bookmarks, so we can easily create and access bookmarks at any time!

Klee for Windows Explorer

Let’s look at the functions of the Clover software.

Easy access to files, very efficient

Clover makes opening a new file or folder absolutely convenient, saving time and effort. Simply press Ctrl+T to open a new page (or tab), Ctrl+W is to close the page and switch between pages, use Ctrl+Tab read more

Download the Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free

The Windows Web site has been revised to reflect the introduction of Windows 8. On the website, you will now find a lot of interesting information that you may want to know. You’ll find information on new Windows 8 features, new Windows 8 PCs available, how to buy Windows 8, instructions for buying tablets and PCs, and more.

Windows 8 Media Center Pack – Free for a limited time

It is also interesting that Microsoft offers Windows 8 Media Center Pack free for a limited time.

If your PC runs Windows 8 Pro and you want to use all the features of Windows Media Center, you can get Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free so you can watch and record live TV with Windows Media Center. read more

Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell Published

Microsoft has released the Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell Release Candidate and is now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center.

Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell

Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell helps scripters locate scripts, extracts, modules, and Windows PowerShell instructions in online repositories such as PoshCode, local or network file systems, TechNet Script Center Repository, and Bing Search Repository.

You can also read the Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell User Guide. This manual describes how to use Script Explorer to perform certain tasks related to the following scenarios in Script Explorer : read more

Identify and install missing codecs in a few minutes using CodecInstaller

Playing compatible video or audio files on your system requires the installation of appropriate codecs. These codecs, if properly installed, run on the end user’s computer and allow them to play multimedia files without interruption.

There are hundreds of audio and video codecs available and used today, most of them for free, while some costs are incurred. Most of the media players we install will also install the necessary codecs; and yet, there will be this strange file that may require a specific codec to play. How to identify the codec and know where to download it? read more

My coloring pages: Free Windows 10 App for Kids

My Coloring Pages is a new Windows 10/8 application that kids will love. It comes with many color schemes for kids of all tastes and ages. It allows children and their parents to paint and paint naturally and effortlessly. The program is an excellent child development game and a way to spend a few happy hours painting over a hundred images available.

My colour pages

This virtual colouring book offers everything a child needs to get carried away, choose colours and paint creatively ! It’s a great way to expand your imagination, improve your fine motor skills and have fun. read more

Open PSD files without using Adobe Photoshop

You don’t have Photoshop and your colleagues sent a PSD file? You are starting to wonder how to open PSD files because Photoshop is not installed on your PC. Photoshop is definitely the best image processor on the market, and you get many image processing features with it. However, investing in such expensive software to open PSD files and make few changes to images is certainly not a good idea.

Open PSD files

You no longer have to worry ! There are several other ways to open PSD files without Photoshop installed on your system. You will be happy to know that many of these tools are free. This makes them the best (and free!) alternative to expensive Photoshop software. read more

SoftPerfect Network Scanner: A free network scanning tool for Windows

If you manage a small network at home or office, I’m sure you need to keep an eye on IP addresses, MAC addresses, devices on your network for potential vulnerabilities. Well, there is a little tool that could do all this and more for you.

Free Network Scanner

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is free software that provides basic information on all these settings. The tool tracks computers, searches TCP ports, and shows what types of resources are shared over a network (including system and hidden). You can also mount shared resources as network drives, browse with Windows Explorer, filter the results list, and more. read more

Recording and tracking activity on the Windows computer with LastActivityView

Have you always wanted to quickly track all the tasks performed on your computer? Nirsoft LastActivityView is a freeware that displays details of recent user actions and records events and tasks on your Windows PC.

The program collects information from various sources about a running system and displays a log of actions and events performed by the user on that computer.

Activities covered include :

  • Software Installations
  • Shutdown, Restart, Hibernation, Login, Logout and Computer Startup
  • Run Applications or. exe
  • Open and close the Open or Save dialog box
  • The application crashes
  • The system crashes
  • The folder displayed in Explorer
  • Blue Screens
  • Create Restore Points
  • Start and finish Windows Installer
  • Network Connection/Disconnection and more.
  • If you wish, you can simply export this information in a csv, tab delimited, xml or html file or copy it to the clipboard and paste it into an Excel or other document.

LastActivityView is a portable application and does not need to be installed. It collects information from registry keys, pre-search files, log files, minidump files and other such locations. By default, the tool displays actions by action time, but you can also display them by description. read more

LeeLu monitors AIO: monitoring system, folders, files, registry, memory, etc.

While different system monitoring tools can coexist in a cordial atmosphere, they can improve the performance of an IT distributor and provide the user with valuable information on all issues related to system performance. LeeLu Monitors AIO uses such a system monitoring tool.

System monitoring tool

LeeLu Monitors AIO is a set of LeeLu Soft monitoring tools developed over the years. The included monitoring tools can help you track folders, storage and registry files on your system. This gives you a clear picture of what is happening behind the scenes. read more