How to mount the ISO file under Windows 10/8

Often, you must have used third-party software to quickly mount a disk image. This image appears as a virtual DVD drive. Integrating an ISO image is an excellent way to view and execute the contents of the disc image without burning it to a CD/DVD if you have such software. Under Windows 8/10, this feature is now available natively. So let’s see how to mount and unmount an ISO to extract files from ISO or run them on a virtual disk.

When you select your ISO file, the ribbon interface has the Include option as well as the Burn option. Use it. read more

Error 0xc00000e9 During Windows 10/8/7 installation

The error 0xc00000e9 is a common error under Windows that occurred under Windows 7. People have also experienced it on Windows 8. Most often the error 0xc00000e9 means that it is an I/O error , i.e. it is mainly a hardware error and an error specifically related to the hard disk. In this article, I suggest some tips that might correct this and understand the exact cause of the error.

Error 0xc00000e9 in Windows

As I said 0xc00000e9 means something is wrong with your hard disk – but sometimes the error can only be a false positive – that is, it could be something else. Therefore, first check the consistency of your installation media. To do this, download and install MD5 Hash Checker. read more

Windows Server 8: Download, Overview, Features, Product Overview

Windows Server 8 as a developer preview was presented at last year’s BUILD conference and now Microsoft has released its version Beta Version with many features for IT professionals and software developers. Microsoft has long been a pioneer in the field of servers, with a number of versions over time, advanced features and with more functionality, Windows Server provides the secure and fast platform for developers.

Windows Server 8, is Microsoft’s server that dramatically improves IT economics through an automated infrastructure for high availability networks, storage and computing on industry-standard hardware. read more

Display advanced boot options or menu in Windows 8

A video on the MSDN blog shows how Windows 8 starts very fast – less than seven seconds. The computer used was an Ultrabook, an Intel product that offers ultra-fast computing with the latest technologies. The problem with Windows 8 is that it starts very fast. For a moment, we forget Ultrabook and look at a current PC. These PC types are also equipped with the latest technologies and shorten the training period of operating systems.

Hardware interruptions under Windows 8

The question arises, if it starts faster, how can this be a problem under Windows 8? The problem is not the faster start, but the side effects: F2 and F8 periods reduced to almost negligible intervals. This means that you do not have enough time to press F8 to access the start menu. This would be a problem – because you might want to boot Windows in safe mode – for troubleshooting, system recovery or other purposes. read more

Basic Windows troubleshooting tips for beginners

I needed to write this article, which contains some general advice for beginners, as I often receive emails asking for help, to which the answer in most cases involves some basic bug fixes. This article therefore covers some general steps that a Windows user can take to try to repair or repair their Windows 10/8/7 computer.

Windows troubleshooting tips

OK, so something went wrong or something doesn’t work the way you want – and you want to fix it!

Run system restore

The first thing to do is try restoring your Windows computer. To do this, open Start menu > Accessories > System Tools > System Tools > System Restore. Or simply type rstrui.exe in your start search and press Enter. read more

Manage the speed of the web browser by changing the DNS settings

DNS or Domain Name System, helps to resolve the name of any web address. If you enter a domain name in the address bar of your browser, such as, your computer uses Internet Protocol to resolve that name to the IP address of the Internet server on which the site is hosted.

By default, the Windows operating system is configured to automatically use the DNS server of your ISP or ISP.

A slow DNS server could be the cause of poor web browsing speed. If your ISP’s DNS server is slow, slow or sometimes overloaded, there may be an additional delay of several seconds each time you load a new web page. read more

Setting and displaying multiple clocks in Windows 7/8

Did you know that you can display several clocks under Windows 7? Windows 7 can display up to three clocks in the taskbar. By default, Windows 7 asks you for your location during installation and displays the corresponding time zone clock (UTC-12 to UTC+13: UTC stands for Universal Coordinated Time).

Need multiple clocks in Windows

Here are some of the reasons why you want to display multiple clocks with Windows 7 :

  1. Your clients or relatives live in a time zone different from yours
  2. You are travelling and wish to know both the time of your place of residence and the current time in your country.
  3. You will participate in webinars (online meetings) held in a different time zone

There are many websites that can help you convert your area time to another time zone. However, you need the abbreviation of the time zone or the name of the cities for which you want to convert the time. For example, if you want to know what the equivalent of 11 ACTUAL is in the United States, you need to think about cities closer to the time zone code. Not all countries have the same time zone. read more

Optimize Windows 10 performance by adjusting visual effects

Although Microsoft claims – and rightly so – that Windows 10/8 is the best and fastest operating system, there will always be enthusiasts and power users who want to take advantage of the latest performance drop to make Windows run faster. Windows 10 also offers visual effects, animations and features that can be disabled to improve performance – similar to what was offered in Windows 8/7.

Today we will talk about optimizing the visual performance of Windows 10/8.

Disable visual effects on Windows 10/8

Getting started : read more

What is file fragmentation and how it occurs in Windows

What is file fragmentation

Suppose you created a Word document and entered two words before clicking the Save button. Windows will find just enough space for these two words (with a little padding) and save it. Later, you add more words to the document. Windows attempts to place these additional words in the room it originally added to the saved document.

But Windows does not know how many more words you would add to the document. Once the extra space at the end of the file is covered, it is time for Windows to find the free space beyond this filling and add the extra file to another sector on the hard disk – probably on a different track or disk. read more