To start the safe mode during the dual start of Windows 8

If you start Windows 8 with Windows 7 dual, entering Safe Mode with Shift + F8 is a bit difficult. You must run Run msconfig.exe, enable the Safe Boot option, then restart to get a safe boot with both your boot options.

But you don’t have to. The Safe Mode option is already available in several other options. Let’s see where he is!

If you boot your dual boot system with Windows 8 CP by default, you will see this selection screen. As you can see, all these boot options are displayed graphically in Windows 8 – read more

Change the number of App tile rows in the Windows 8 home screen

find the following registry key :


  • Find the entry Layout_MaximumRowCount in the right pane of Registry Editor. If it doesn’t exist, you may have to create it. To do this, right-click an empty field in the right pane of the grid, click New and DWORD (32 bits), then type Layout_MaximumRowCount and press Enter.
  • If you find it, set its value to a number higher or lower than the current number. For example, if you have 5 lines on the starting screen, set the value to 4 or 3, the maximum possible value is 5, depending on the resolution of your screen. I changed mine to four.
  • Click the OK button (16) to close the Registry Editor.

Restart your Windows 8 computer or log out for the changes to take effect.

You will now see that the start screen displays 4 lines. To restore the default settings, you can simply delete the newly created registry key. Remember that it is always a good idea to create a system restore point before making changes to the Windows registry.

UPDATE: Under certain circumstances, Windows 8 offers an additional option to display additional tiles on the Home screen. However, under Windows 8.1, all users will see this setting. read more

To restore the default font settings under Windows 10/8/7

You may have installed many new fonts and made changes that may cause some of your software to malfunction ! In such a scenario, it may be wise to reset fonts to the default settings of Windows 10/8/7.

Restore default font settings in Windows

Restore default fonts in Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7, open Control Panel > Appearance and customization > Fonts > Font settings > Font settings.

Click here on Restore default settings.

That’s it!

If you need to repair the font registration, you can try FontReg. This utility can be used to ensure the consistency of the Windows font registry. This is done by registering fonts that are not properly registered and deleting expired records for fonts that are no longer present on the system. read more

What’s new and what’s new in Windows 8 CP


  • As in Windows 8 DP, if you want to boot in safe mode, use Shift +F8 on boot. If you start in duplicate, you will see the Graphical Interface menu

Select’Change Defaults or Select Other Options’ and select Additional Options > Troubleshooting > Advanced Options > Windows Start Settings >

on the different screens that follow.

And when you restart, you will have the’Enable Safe Mode’ and various other options to choose from. This also happened in Windows 8 DP, only very small changes.

  • To start Metro applications, you must have a resolution of at least 1024 X 768. Netbook users should therefore take note before installing Windows 8 CP. Minimum RAM requirements are impressive – 1 GB (32 bit) or 2 GB (64 bit)
  • A feature that allows you to capture applications requires a screen resolution of at least 1366 x 768
  • If you are one of those using msconfig to manage different starters, please note that this section has been moved to Task Manager. Yes, it is convenient
  • (Windows 8 CP is preinstalled with Windows Defender (Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials combined into a single tool called Windows Defender) to protect your PC.

This is therefore Windows 8 CP tidbits, we will take advice on keyboard shortcuts, gestures, mouse in a separate message. If you know other tidbits of this type under Windows 8 CP, share them here. read more

To save power, turn off the hard disk after a period of inactivity

We have seen how we can use the PowerCFG tool to know the health and condition of a laptop’s battery. Its bug report shows you many causes of errors, some of which can be easily fixed to improve your laptop’s battery.

We have already seen many tips on battery life in Windows 7. Some of you may even have read the guide on how to use and optimize laptop batteries.

Again, some of you have tried this automatic troubleshooting solution that helps you adjust power settings to improve battery life and reduce power consumption. read more

Is it compatible with Windows 8? Vote or consult the Windows 8 Compatibility Center

The all-new Compatibility Center for Windows 8 Consumer Preview is the place to find out if your favorite software and devices are compatible with Windows 8. Plus, it even lets you choose and know if a particular software or hardware device is running on Windows 8.

Software and devices have been conveniently classified and you can easily browse or search them to see if a particular software or device is running Windows 8.

Popular software has been classified under PC Games, Communications & Internet, Photo & Video, Security, Business & Home Office, Music & MP3, Graphics & Printing, System Utilities, Business Applications, Development Tools, Recreation & Personal & Kids & Education, while equipment and devices have been classified under Cameras and photos, Printers and scanners, MP3 players and multimedia players, TVs, Communication devices, Mice, Keyboards and input devices, Displays, Networks, Graphics Cards and components, Biometrics and storage devices. read more

Windows 8 version overview: Installation methods and screenshots

Sha 1 hash – 0x8BED436F0959E7120A44BF7C29FF0AA962BDEFC9

Product key for these ISO : TK8TP-9JN6P-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF

One of the most important things after downloading such a download is that you must match the Sha1 hash. Many free software are available to check it, here I checked with Hashcalc. This is a must before burning a DVD, as download errors, if any, will cause installation problems.

Once you are sure the SHA1 hash matches, you can right-click the ISO (in Windows 7) to burn it to a bootable DVD. Make sure the’Check disc after burning’ option is enabled. You can also use any 3rd subroutine to burn the DVD. read more

Tips and Tricks for Windows Magnifier for Windows 10/8/7

As part of the Ease of Access Center, one of the accessibility tools that Microsoft has integrated into Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 is the fully enhanced Magnifier magnifier . This magnifier makes it easier for people with disabilities to read and view different parts of the screen because it gives the impression that the objects are larger.

What is this image of Jesus Christ doing here? We’ll come back to this later;

Window Loupe Tips & Tricks

Now I’m back : To start the magnifier, enter ‘loupe‘ in the start search and press Enter. You can also access it from Control Panel > Control Panel > Control Panel > Ease of Use or from the Accessories folder in the Start menu. You’ll see it on your desk. read more

Please wait while Windows configures Windows Live Mail

Although I love using Windows Live Mail on my Windows 7, I never liked updating it. For a long time I stopped updating Windows Live Mail 2011 to the latest version for the simple reason that every time I did it and restarted, I couldn’t reply or send new emails and I got the error – Failure to initialize the canvas. I never really found a solution to this error!

I tried to update WLM several times, I had the same error, then the system was restored to get the previous version. Once again, I decided to risk the update process by updating Windows Live Mail Version 2011 to build 15.4.3555.0308 a few days ago. read more

Microsoft Disruptive Shooter Games and Entertainment

If you have problems installing games or starting and playing online games, you should try Microsoft Games and Entertainment Fix It.

Gaming and Entertainment Troubleshooting

This diagnostic patch automatically identifies and solves common problems and problems related to online gaming and entertainment, including :

  1. Games cannot be installed
  2. Online game cannot start, online game does not start or displays blank screen
  3. Game crashes frequently or graphics do not display correctly
  4. Logitech controller does not work
  5. Windows is slow during game
  6. Extensions that slow Internet Explorer
  7. Problems with graphics card drivers, such as B. the absence of the latest graphics card driver
  8. DirectX 9.0 problems.

After downloading Fix It, run it. You will be asked if you want Fix It to automatically detect and fix the problem(s), or if you can only see the problems and decide what corrections to apply. I recommend this last point because it will at least tell you what corrections will be applied. It can be a good learning experience. read more