Calm hours on Windows 10/8.1

Windows 8.1 introduced a new feature called Quiet Hours, which is also included in Windows 10. This feature allows users to delete notifications during this period. The idea behind introducing this feature is that there may be times when you don’t want to be bothered or interrupted by notifications.

Quiet hours on Windows

When you set quiet time on your Windows device, you can’t receive notifications of applications or calendar events, messages and email notifications and even take calls via Skype when the device is idle. In such situations, you will not hear any noise and the screen will not turn on due to a notification. read more

The mouse pointer disappears and is replaced by the arrow keys in Windows 10/8

We all know that Windows 10/8 can be used on both touch and non-touch devices. The registry database of this operating system also contains the touch operations configuration for Windows. Consider the scenario; you are using a Windows 10/8 touch control system . After logging in, the mouse pointer disappears and behaves almost like the arrow keys.

From this Microsoft Community thread, it is remarkable that this happens on touchpads, while the external mouse connected to the system works well. If you also have problems with this, you may have noticed that it is exactly the opposite of the mouse buttons, i.e. you can control the arrow keys via the touchpad. Now let’s try to check what is happening to cause this, as I said before the problem is only with the touchpad, so we should check the touch operation configuration entries in the registry. read more

What are nfo and diz files under Windows?

You may have found NFO and DIZ files and wondered what they are for? Normally, NFO files are linked to the Microsoft Info Viewer. If you have downloaded artwork or ASCII software from Warez sites, you almost always get these files.

.nfo files and ten

In fact, these files are only text files with a different extension and generally ASCII art.

The .nfo file is essentially an 80 character wide text file. It contains all information about the application or game, including engraving or installation instructions and a serial number if necessary. You can simply open it in a notepad. read more

Blocked or fixed print job queue under Windows 10/8/7

How many times have you tried to cancel a print job, but if you right-click the print job to end the blocked print job, it doesn’t matter? Besides, you can’t print anything. In short, your print queue is blocked – you can neither print anything nor cancel pending print jobs.

If you are experiencing this problem on your Windows 10/8/7 system and you want to cancel the print job but you cannot, you have these options. read more

Resize desktop icons or quickly change the browser display type in Windows 10/8/7/7

The Windows shortcut list is long! It never seems to stop. Every time you feel that you know all the Windows shortcuts, someone else comes to prove that the term is wrong. Here is another tip to help you quickly resize the Explorer icons or change the display type in a folder. This is a mouse/keyboard combination to change the size of icons on the desktop or to change the type of display in the Explorer window.

Change the display type

In Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista Explorer, you can change the display type between List, Content, Details, Tiles, etc. using the Views button on the toolbar and resize the icons from small to extra large by clicking on the specified options. read more

Windows Remote Desktop disconnects frequently or automatically

As its name suggests, the Remote Desktop function of Windows helps us to access another computer from our computer. This function plays an important role in solving problems on our system if a support representative wants to remotely access and repair our computer. Today, using this feature, I noticed that I was able to connect to other computers by myself, but then the Remote Desktop connection was automatically disconnected. So I tried connecting to another computer and found the same result.

First, I made sure that the Windows firewall was disabled to ensure that the firewall is not the culprit. It didn’t help. I read somewhere that WiFi printers could also cause the problem when using the Remote Desktop function, so I also disconnected them, but that didn’t solve the problem either. I bypassed the following solution and it worked: read more

Hide, show, add, delete applets from the Control Panel specified in Windows 10/8/7

For security reasons, if you want to hide, show, add or delete DEFAULT Control Panel applets specified or existing in Windows 10/8/7, or if you want to add your own applets to the Control Panel, proceed as follows.

Delete or hide applets from the control panel

Type gpedit.msc in the Windows Start menu search bar, press Enter to open Group Policy Editor > User Configuration. Expanding Administrative Templates > Click Control Panel > View only selected applets in Control Panel > Properties.

A dialog box opens. Click Activate. The show button comes to life. read more

Something happened and Windows 8.1 could not be installed. Error code 0x800707070714

We all know that a few weeks ago Microsoft released the Windows 8.1 update to end users. But users are faced with different types of errors when updating their system, so far we have seen the solution for 0×80240031 errors, solution for errors when installing Windows 8.1 to USB from the installation. Today, in this article, we discuss the solution to another bug we just discovered.

Windows 8.1 could not be installed. Please try again. Error code: 0x80070714

As you can see in the error screenshot above, there is no support for the solution to fix this. Finally, I bypassed this thread and found their answers as one of the solutions. According to the people discussing this bug here, they found that the problem is somehow the result of a contradiction of the SQL services running on the system. If you are also faced with this problem, it is worth correcting the error. Here’s how: read more

Adding or modifying OEM information on Windows 10/8/7

If you have already purchased a Windows 10/8.1/7 PC from the most popular brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, etc. you have probably noticed the manufacturer’s name and logo in the system section. This OEMn information contains computer make and model information, a custom logo and support information hidden in the’System’ section of the Windows Control Panel. The information is provided solely for user support. You will not find it if you have a custom computer or if you have installed a clean copy of Windows. read more

Slippery windows are not smooth after upgrading to Windows 8.1

In the past, we have explained how you can optimize visual effects to improve the performance of your system. Although you can adjust the system so that no content is displayed when dragging and dropping, or you can even disable drag-and-drop, which happens when you notice that drag-and-drop is no longer smooth on your system. We solved this problem yesterday after upgrading to Windows 8.1. During this problem, we found that even if we move the content from here to there, the cursor movement is not as smooth as it should be. read more