Windows 10 Critical – Good and Bad

offer flexibility in the use of both modern and traditional applications. It allows you to easily switch from one application to another without having to relearn the PC as under Windows 8. This is not a visible feature, but you can feel the difference when you multitask between modern and traditional applications. Under Windows 8, you had to go back to the start screen and start the application. Then, you had to show in the top right corner to switch from one application to another. The desktop computer was completely different. All that pain is gone now when Continuum takes care of things. Run applications directly from your desktop or from the Start menu and Continuum ensures that your computing experience will not be compromised. read more

How to change the theme, lock screen and background images in Windows 10

The best thing about the Windows operating system is that you can fully customize and optimize it. Microsoft still offers a number of customization features in its operating system. In this article, we will learn how to change the theme, screen and wallpaper or wallpaper in Windows 10.

To start customizing Windows 10, go to your desktop, right-click and click Customize. You can use the customization application to change background colors and accents, lock screens, background images, and themes on your PC. read more

NT operating system code unknown 10 Error detected under Windows 10

While most are satisfied with the Windows 10 upgrade, some have problems with their Windows 10. Another, some users face the problem of receiving one Unknown NT Operating System Code 10 Detected, Read Config File Failed error message when starting Windows 10.

Unknown NT operating system code 10 detected

Unfortunately, there is not much information about this error on Microsoft pages. But if you are facing this problem, here are some steps you could take to solve the problem.

1] Make sure you have the latest Windows updates and device drivers installed. read more

How to upgrade devices with less free space to Windows 10

While many Windows machines now use the latest operating system, Windows 10, users with less free space can still struggle with the upgrade process. If you are one of the Surface or Tablet users who have less free space, this description can help you. In this post, we will see how to update Surface, Tablets and other devices that have less free space or small hard drives of 32GB or less.

Upgrading devices with less free space to Windows 10

Due to upgrade issues and high demand, Microsoft has recently started to provide downloads in an organized manner for device users with less disk space. read more

How to download offline maps under Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 provides Maps application that helps users find places and get directions. The Maps application is a universal Windows application from Microsoft. Windows Phone supports offline maps in cooperation with HERE Maps. The same mapping applications with various improvements have been improved and ported to Windows 10, and Microsoft has managed to provide the universal Windows 10 Maps application that even runs on PC.

Windows 10 offers the ability to download offline maps that can be used for later use without an Internet connection – this helps you access maps and get directions without having to worry about connectivity, a very useful tool for travelers to find directions. read more

Download Media Player for Windows 10 K and KN Editions

Due to different laws and regulations in different countries or countries such as the European Union, China and Korea, Microsoft must remove certain features or add local features to its Windows 10 editions for these regions.

Windows 10 N deletes the media player and Internet Explorer from your computer and is required by law to allow users to select browsers of their choice. This is for the European region.

Windows C is for the Korean region and, by law, Microsoft must add at least two local government websites to the operating system. Although it can carry Internet Explorer, it does not have a multimedia player. read more

Windows 10 Problems with the black screen

If you experience problems with the black screen in Windows 10, the following notes may help you solve the problem. There are two different scenarios we’re going to talk about. The first is when you can connect to your computer and receive no advertising. The other scenario is where you can’t even connect to your computer and see a black screen. This article shows you how to solve problems with Windows 10 Blank or Black Screen after logging in – with or without slider, at startup. read more

Something went wrong 0x803F8001/0x87AF000B Windows 10 Memory error

When I try to install a Windows Store application on Windows 10, I recently received one attempt again, something went wrong, the error code is 0x803F8001 if you need it . The error code could also be 0x87AF000B. If you are faced with this problem, this article will show you how to solve it.

Something went wrong. The error code is 0x803F8001

If you receive this error when installing or updating Windows Store applications on your Windows 10 computer, you must follow these troubleshooting steps.

1] Try again and see if it works. If necessary, restart your PC and try again. read more

Print in PDF format under Windows 10 without using software

Windows 10 allows you to print natively in PDF format using Microsoft Print to PDF built into Windows 10. You no longer need to use free third-party software to print PDF files.

Microsoft Print to PDF on Windows 10

Microsoft Print to PDF is a feature built into Windows 10 that allows you to create a PDF file from multiple file formats using a native printer.

Right-click a file and select Print displays Microsoft Print to PDF as one of the available printing options.

If you do not find this option, check if it has been accidentally disabled. To check this, open Start > Settings > Devices > Printers and scanners. Under Printers, you can see Microsoft Print to PDF. read more

Enable 3-Finger-Tip to start Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana, deeply integrated into Windows 10, makes research a personal experience. Microsoft has revised some of the gestures and introduced new ones in Windows 10. For example, you can now enable or disable all 3 fingers to start Cortana on Windows 10.

Users who are constantly on the move may not be interested or find it a little uncomfortable to always use their touch screen or mouse for their work. In such circumstances, the natural choice is the touchpad, so it is very important that you set the touchpad to work the way you want it to. Under Windows 10, you will find some of the new touchpad configuration options. The most popular touchpad manufacturers support the launch of Cortana with three fingers or clicks. This means that on some laptops it is possible to start Cortana with three fingers or tap the touchpad. read more