How to display the Control Panel in the WinX menu of Windows 10

Windows 10 v1703 has removed the Control Panel entry from the WinX menu. You will now see an entry that opens Settings. The WinX menu appears when you click the Start button. Microsoft wants users to move away from the Control Panel, so that it gradually moves all Control Panel settings to Preferences. However, if you also want to display or display the Control Panel with the settings, proceed as follows.

We have already seen the command prompt appear in the Windows 10 WinX menu instead of PowerShell. Let’s see how to display the Control Panel in the WinX menu under Windows 10 v1703, v1709 and above. read more

CleanPC CSP: Delete pre-installed software during deployment

PC manufacturers, usually fill your machines with pre-installed software to earn extra money. So, although the manufacturer says the product offers 32GB of free storage, it is already 20% or more full at the time of purchase. Windows 10 version 1703 introduces a new configuration service provider (CSP) called CleanPC CSP, which can help system administrators remove user-installed applications and preinstalled applications from their Windows system.

Configuration Service Provider (CSP) is an interface for reading, setting, changing or deleting configuration settings on the device. These parameters are assigned to registry keys or files. read more

The file recording segment is unreadable Floppy disk error in Windows 10

There is nothing worse than a defective hard disk with the risk of losing all important data at once. Although in many cases there are no warnings, some users have reported bugs that help them know if their hard drive is down well in advance. Such an error is The segment of the file set is unreadable‘.

The recording segment is illegible

If you have seen this message on your Windows computer, you should do certain things immediately.

1] Copy data from your hard disk to an external hard disk

Although you can copy files directly to the external hard disk, you can also clone the hard disk or create its image while troubleshooting is in progress. You need a new hard disk with enough space to store all the data while leaving a gap for work. Apart from the external hard disk, good cloning or imaging software would be necessary. read more

What is Windows 10 S: FAQ and everything you need to know

Microsoft finally lost its long-awaited Windows 10 S at an event in New York. Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s answer to ChromeOS – and it’s a light operating system for the education sector.

Microsoft had already tried to cook in Windows 10 with the low-budget laptop, and this did not go well. Windows 10 as an operating system works well on medium-sized laptops or high-end laptops. However, Microsoft finally decided to push the boundaries of Windows 10, and that’s why Windows 10 S was designed. In this segment, you can see and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Windows 10 S. read more

Automatic activation of Dark Theme in the Settings application under Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, you will find a light and dark theme for the settings in the Colors section of the Customization Settings. By default, the light theme is used because it is more user-friendly. But, some people do not want to tire their eyes and, therefore, they use the dark theme at night. With this tutorial you can automatically activate the dark subject under Windows 10. read more

How to reset touchpad settings to Windows 10 default values

Sometimes you can distort the touchpad settings, especially when using multiple scan gestures or 2-finger/3-finger strips on the touchpad. If you think you have accidentally altered the touchpad settings, you can reset the touchpad settings on your Windows 10 PC to the default settings.

Reset touchpad settings

If something does not work properly with the touchpad or the previous troubleshooting process has been interrupted, the touchpad can be reset. The procedure is as follows:

In the Quick Link or WinX menu, open Settings > Devices. Select Mouse and Touchpad read more

Define custom keyboard shortcuts for the game bar in Windows 10

Game Bar under Windows 10 v1703 contains some minor but useful changes. In the application, you can now configure the links of your choice, for example. We know the application helps you save your game in the background. The newly added functionality of the application extends its use by distribution lists. The particularity of this new change is that although the application offers the possibility to configure your own shortcuts, the standard shortcuts still work.

Let’s see how to set custom keyboard shortcuts for the game bar in Windows 10 in this post. read more

How to use Resource Monitor on Windows 10

Resource Monitor is a useful tool in Windows 10/8/7 that helps us determine how many resources are used over time through a graphical representation. In this way, we can examine the performance indicators for a particular resource and decide how we can improve performance. There are many ways to start the Resource Monitor and use the application to trace performance data.

Resource Monitor under Windows 10

Resource Monitor or Resmon you can easily monitor CPU usage, memory usage, disk activity, network activity and more. Like the reliability monitor or performance monitor, the resource monitor is a useful integrated tool in Windows. read more

Your PC did not start the message correctly under Windows 10

Have you ever encountered a problem where your Windows PC does not boot properly after booting? This can happen after a sudden power failure or after upgrading your PC to a newer version. When you turn on your computer, Windows 10 displays an Automatic Repair screen with the message Your PC has not started properly. Your computer can display Prepare automatic repair followed by Diagnose your PC before the message Your PC has not started correctly.


The first recommendation would be to restart the PC and see if this helps. But sometimes this problem can persist even after several restarts. A damaged MBR or BCD file or hardware changes could be the cause. read more

Your device is in danger because it is obsolete & Important security features are missing & Quality updates

I started seeing this message in my Windows Update settings these days – Your device is in danger because it is obsolete and lacks important security and quality updates. If you are here because you see this message, you may be interested in some things in this message.

Your device is in danger because it is obsolete and lacks important safety and quality updates


The message you see in the Windows update settings should read something like this:

Your device is in danger because it is obsolete and lacks important safety and quality updates. We will get you back on track to make Windows more secure. read more