Fixing Itunes Error 0xe800002d (Solved)

This article discusses how to correct iTunes error 0xe800002d. If you get the message “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone an unknown error occurred 0xe800002d”, follow us and you can easily correct this annoying error.


There are many errors that can occur when using iTunes and the error 0xe800002d is one of them. If this error occurs, iTunes does not recognize your iDevice, so you cannot manage the data on your iPhone iPad.

Today, many users complain about receiving the notification: “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone, an unknown error occurred 0xe800002d”. So, in this article, we will give you some advice on how to correct the iTunes 0xe800002d error. Follow us and you can easily solve this prolonged problem. read more

How To Repair Imap Error 0x800cccd2

The IMAP 0x800cccd2 error is the most common error that can occur if the hard disk does not have enough disk space, if the computer BIOS is incompatible or needs an update. Other reasons can also cause IMAP, including video adapter drivers, to be incompatible, device drivers, or a system service to be corrupted and corrupted in the Windows registry 0x800cccd2.

Imap Error 0x800cccd2

These 0x800cccd2 error messages may occur when installing the program, running Microsoft Corporation related software (for example, Microsoft Outlook), starting or stopping Windows, or even installing the Windows operating system. Tracking when and where your 0x800CCCD2 error occurs is important information for troubleshooting. This error means that Outlook IMAP cannot display a specific folder. read more

Solved: Exception Code 0xc0000409 Error

The exception code 0xc0000409 indicates a stack buffer overflow. Batch alignment problems usually occur when the return variable of a method does not match the return value of the parent method. Normally, a function is executed correctly and fails when the return occurs. This is easy to see when a method takes a long time to execute, but not so easy to observe when a method is fast. You can perform a quick test by adding 10 seconds of sleep to the method and see if the exception occurs in 10 seconds. read more

Fixing Error Code 80004001 in Windows

The 80004001 error code is often caused by poorly configured system files in your Windows operating system. This can happen when users try to update an older Windows application or run a particular application. If this error appears on the screen, the system automatically restarts to stop further processing. The error results in a blue screen after the system starts.

Error Code 80004001

There are different files in the Windows operating system that are responsible for their proper operation. Sometimes, problems such as viruses or incorrect entries in the registry can damage or damage these files. In this case, error 80004001 appears. read more

Windows Error Code 5004 0x7e Repair Guide

Error code 5004 0X7E is usually caused by poorly configured system files that cause registry errors in your operating system. Windows errors can cause program crashes, slow PC performance, system crashes, computer freezes and more.

Error Code 5004 0x7e

Registration errors usually occur when new programs are installed on old programs without completely uninstalling the old programs. This can cause stacks in the register and error messages. Another possible cause of these error messages can be malicious software such as adware, spyware and viruses. read more

Fixing Windows Error Code 1648 (Solved)

Error code 1648 and other critical errors can occur if your Windows operating system is damaged. Program opening becomes slower and response times are delayed. If multiple applications are running, crashes and freezes may occur. There may be many reasons for this error, including excessive boot entries, registry errors, hardware/ RAM memory losses, fragmented files, unnecessary or redundant program installations, etc.


Here are some solutions to help you resolve the 1648 error code under Windows. read more

(Solved) Copy Protection Error 0x80030309 Windows Fix

Copy Protection Error 0x80030309 is a very common error you get when you try to copy content from a copyrighted DVD. This is because of a method called Content Scramble System (CSS), which is used to encrypt DVDs to prevent their content from being copied.


Error 0x80030309 The code for Windows can be very large and each number will be a different problem. In order to use these “codes” to correct the wrong thing, a thorough investigation is necessary.

Copying protected DVDs is really a big problem. This is because companies making DVD movies make their DVD so that if you ever want to copy it, your DVD ROM gets into a certain area of the DVD that it cannot read and therefore gives a DVD playback error. read more

How to Fix Application Error 0xc0000135 in Windows

Application error 0xc0000135 can occur if there is a conflict between the third-party program installed on the computer. Sometimes Windows gives you this error when you try to run an application that requires the “.NET Framework” but does not have the “.NET Framework” installed on your computer.


Since there are many possibilities that cause the above problem, there are many solutions to correct the error 0xc0000135. Most of the time, in older versions of Windows, it is created by the.NET framework. read more

Repair Guide: 0x800f0900 Update Error in Windows 10

Microsoft has released a new patch KB428484835 for Windows 10 version 1803. This cumulative update fixes many problems such as the black screen after the update of Windows April 10, 2018 1803, but it also has some problems. Some users have reported that they have not installed this update with the appearance of error codes. And the most common of these error codes is error 0x800f0900.

Repair Guide- 0x800f0900 Update Error in Windows 10

How can I correct the 0x800f0900 error code in Windows 10 when installing Windows Updates Fix? Follow the steps below. read more

How To Repair 0x80090016 Error in Windows 10

The 0x80090016 error may be due to system corruption or a certificate error damaging the hard disk. The 0x80090016 problem can be considered a time bomb for your PC. When you encounter an exit 0x80090016, you should look for a good way to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, your computer will probably have serious computer problems, such as a blue screen, system crash or program shutdown. It is therefore essential to solve the problem 0x80090016.

How To Repair 0x80090016 Error in Windows 10

Here’s how to fix it:

Accessing the computer in safe mode
Try connecting to your computer in safe mode. Safe mode starts Windows in a limited state in which only the most necessary things are started. Check if the same problem occurs in safe mode. read more