Hacked websites: chronic webmasters report fights with their vulnerable sites

StopBadware and Commtouch have published an interesting report on compromised websites. The report talks about how website owners have been hacked and repair damage and presents interesting statistics on the subject.

The study found that, in most cases, legitimate websites are compromised without the website owner even noticing that their website has been compromised. Over 90% did not notice any strange activity, although their websites were misused to redirect visitors to other links, send spam, host phishing sites or distribute malware. Over 66% did not know how the piracy occurred. read more

Stress tests for CUDA and OpenCL compatible GPUs

One of my colleagues posted a thread in a forum on MemtestG80 and MemtestCL. MemtestG80 and MemtestCL are software testers for testing software errors in GPU memory or logic for NVIDIA CUDA or OpenCL GPUs (from any manufacturer). This is good news for new GPU card owners because they can check the stability of their card, i.e. it detects software errors in GPU memory or logic for GPUs that support CUDA or OpenCL, which can often lead to random crashes – even BSODs.

This is a command line program, as you can see in the screenshot above. You will see on the image that it sends the test results to its developers at Stanford; but if you want to avoid it, you must use an additional flag as described above. read more

Unlock and restore a blocked or locked Outlook or Microsoft account

Sometimes you will notice that your Outlook, Hotmail or Microsoft account has been blocked for some reason. This usually happens when the Hotmail team finds your email account compromised or abused by someone to send many unwanted emails. In such a case, you may be excluded from your own Live account and the following message will appear instead of your familiar inbox. Moreover, you can click on these images to see them in large format.

Outlook or Microsoft locked account

To unlock your account, click Next. Here you can check if you have this account in two ways. You can ask Hotmail to send you a confirmation code by mail to your other email number or by SMS to your mobile phone number. read more

Remotely access and recover any file on your Windows PC using OnrDrive

Many of us have had to use OneDrive to access and share files anywhere. With OneDrive, you can securely store and access your files from any device – PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad or iPod. Another feature of OneDrive that many of us have not used is that if you forgot to put your files in the OneDrive folder, you can access your Windows PC and remotely recover that file or any other file. As long as your PC is turned on with the file and OneDrive is running, you can access any file from anywhere. read more

Microsoft Cloud Computing Privacy Principles

According to Microsoft, cloud service providers around the world should agree on the legal aspects of cloud computing so that standards are similar across political boundaries. This makes it easier for customers because they know when and how to access their data in the event of legal proceedings.

Microsoft also has a strong privacy policy to protect its customers’ data in Microsoft clouds such as SkyDrive and Office 365.

This article explains Microsoft’s privacy policy in an article so that people who do not read its Terms of Use can understand the basics. read more

SkyDrive.com gets an improved version, new HTML5 features is faster more reliable!

In our previous contributions, we have regularly seen SkyDrive.com’s continuous improvements and innovations. And also the new year begins with some improvements on SkyDrive.com, announced by a blog post from Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager, SkyDrive.com.

The SkyDrive team has now added new HTML5 features for touch devices that allow faster and smoother operation on all devices and introduce more drag and drop features that greatly simplify file, photo and document management. And for a clearer view and easier control over who has access to your files, a consistent view of each file is now available. In addition to these improvements, the SkyDrive team is also releasing a number of improvements under the hood that make SkyDrive.com much faster and more reliable. read more

iPhone 5 vs. HTC Windows Phone 8X vs. Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III Comparison table

The daggers were fired. If you can believe the reviews, iPhone 5 has not been able to inspire people’s imagination, although there are reports that the pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been huge. This is understandable, because Apple has always distinguished itself in the development of great brands and customer loyalty, and iPhone lovers will always believe … An iPhone is an iPhone – and it’s the best phone in the whole world.

Compare Smartphones

But for the customer thinking there are now several alternatives that can be considered superior to iPhone 5. read more

SkyDrive presents the functions of the recycle bin and Excel Survey

You can restore deleted emails from the’Deleted’ folder in Outlook.com, but if you accidentally deleted files from your SkyDrive account, there was no way to recover them. Recognizing that this was one of many requests, Microsoft added the Recycle Bin to SkyDrive.com. Microsoft also recognized that students were one of its key target groups and encouraged them to use its most versatile cloud computing service to secure their important documents and share stories. To make things better, they have Excel Survey functions for SkyDrive. read more

Understanding the Microsoft OneDrive Privacy Statement and Settings

Microsoft OneDrive provides 25 GB of free disk space for any file type. You can upload your files and share them with others on Facebook and Twitter (and other social networks). In addition to saving and sharing files, Microsoft also allows you to create and view Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and OneNote files without having to install a copy of Microsoft Office locally. He also just launched OneDrive for the Windows desktop client, which makes things even better!

OneDrive privacy settings and policies

Because Microsoft OneDrive or SkyDrive focuses more on file storage and sharing (even with people who do not have a local copy of Office 2010), privacy and security issues arise. You don’t want to share all your documents with everyone on the Internet. How does data protection work in Microsoft OneDrive? read more

Outlook.com adds new features, some of which make the transition from Gmail easier!

Outlook.com was launched in July this year. It is growing rapidly and reactions have been extremely positive! People love its appearance and its own properties. There are now over 25 million active users of the new Outlook.com.

Microsoft, after discovering that about one third of them are active Gmail users who tried Outlook.com for the first time, hired a search company to find out more. The company recruited hundreds of users who use Gmail as their primary email service and asked them to try Outlook.com by signing and forwarding their emails from Gmail to Outlook.com. The study found that 4 out of 5 of these Gmail users would switch to Outlook.com. read more