What are 4K sector hard disks? What is the Windows support strategy?

so users can easily use 4K hard drives in their PCs. No additional configuration is required. When you connect a 4K hard drive to a PC running Windows 8 or later, the operating system will automatically recognize it and configure itself to use the hard drives. You can also use a native 4K hard disk as master and a 512-byte hard disk as slave. This will not affect the performance of your computer.

Here are some points that Microsoft has designed to clarify the operation of native 4K disks:

  1. Windows 7 SP1 uses the 512E format, i.e. 512 logical bytes are generated from the 4K blocks and used for processing.
  2. From Windows 8, emulation of 4K blocks into 512-byte blocks is no longer necessary; users can boot directly from 4K hard disks.
  3. 4K disks are compatible with NT file system
  4. You can also manage ReFS (Resilent File System)
  5. Full Windows Defender support and disk space so you can perform related operations with native 4K disk files.

Microsoft support policies for 4K drives

Microsoft support policy for 4K drives does not guarantee a solution, although the company will assist customers in troubleshooting. If the customer accepts and chooses Microsoft support, the money paid to investigate the incident will not be refunded. If the customer refuses to take over the terms, Microsoft will not investigate the incident and will refund the money paid for the incident. read more

Disable calendar application notification in Windows 10

Windows 10 alerts you via a pop-up window at the bottom left if you have a calendar reminder or event. This notification is also visible in the Notification and Action Center until you click to view it or select Delete All. If you don’t like the continuous stream of notifications, there is a way to disable notifications for calendar applications in Windows 10 and .

Disable calendar application notifications in Windows 10

Notifications are an important part of an operating system. By default, when an important action is performed, Windows gives the user a notification response. This can be a calendar event, the arrival of new emails, the connection or disconnection of a USB device, a low battery alarm, etc. To disable notifications for the calendar application, follow these steps. read more

Your PC will be automatically restarted in a minute message under Windows 10

If you have one your PC restarts automatically in one minute, Windows has encountered a problem and must restart, you must close this message now and save your working message, on a computer running Windows 10 or Windows 8, then this message explains why this happens and what you can do about it.

There are several reasons for this. The problem could be anyone! This may be due to overheating, hardware failure, Windows update problems or a shutdown error. Here are some things you might try to see if it helps you solve your problem. read more

Show or hide lyrics, subtitles and subtitles of videos in Windows 10

Users who want to keep the volume low and play along, or people with hearing loss can use closed captions in video and audio files. By Closed Caption we mean the textual representation of audio in Windows Media Player.

Subtitles are more or less identical to closed captions, but are generally displayed in a different language and are used by people to translate sound in foreign language videos.

Windows 10 supports different subtitle formats for videos that include SSA, ASS, and SRT.

Subtitles and subtitles are disabled by default in Windows 10, but you can change the settings as desired. read more

Slow WiFi connection speed on Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book

If you have just purchased a new Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book, but your WiFi connection speed is slow, you may want to check if this solution can solve your problem.

In response to a question about Microsoft’s responses, a Microsoft support engineer said :

We have a known problem with.41 that results in low throughput at some access points. The problem is specific to MAC layer aggregation (AMSDU via AMPDU) and affects only a small subset of access points. We are working on a patch for an upcoming update. Until the update is available, please update the registry key to get around this problem. read more

Troubleshooting Windows 10 sound and audio problems

Microsoft received good reviews for its latest operating system – Windows 10. The operating system is packed with new features, applications and functions to make your computing experience a pleasant one. However, the operating system has its share of problems, problems and bugs. Some report sound and audio problems such as – Windows 10 sound does not work properly, cannot play videos, cannot use certain applications, or cannot hear anything from their speakers. Let’s see how to solve this and other Windows 10 sound and audio problems. read more

How to connect Microsoft Xbox One Controller to Windows 10, Mac and Linux

The Xbox One Controller is probably the best controller since the Nintendo Game Cube. Because Microsoft makes it compatible with Windows 10, it is currently the best option for players. For many Windows 10 players, this may be the first time they choose a controller, because playing on a PC is more connected to a keyboard and mouse than to a controller.

Just remember that playing with a controller is very different from the traditional method. For example, the keyboard and mouse in First Person Shooters are much more accurate than a controller, although a controller is the preferred choice for racing games. read more

Exporting and saving device drivers under Windows 10 with PowerShell

In this message, we will see how you Windows 10 can export and save your device drivers. Windows 10 comes with PowerShell v 5, a command line shell and a scripting language based on the.NET framework, designed for system administrators, IT professionals and developers. We have already seen a number of messages in which we have seen how PowerShell can help us simplify the execution of tasks. You can update Windows Defender definitions, list drives, uninstall universal applications, find scheduled tasks in queue, create a system image, create a desktop shortcut to open Windows Store applications, and even get a list of installed drivers, to name a few. read more

This device has been deleted from the OneDrive message on Windows 10

If you have one This device has been removed from OneDrive To use OneDrive on this device, click OK to reset the OneDrive message in Windows 10 / 8 / 7, then you can see if any of these suggestions will help you solve the problem.

This unit has been removed from OneDrive


UPDATE: Microsoft appears to have corrected this problem in its last cumulative update in October. So make sure your Windows 10 is fully updated, reboot your PC, connect again and see that the problem is gone. If not, you can continue reading. read more

Methods for activating digital authorization and product key in Windows 10

The latest version of Microsoft Windows – Windows 10 can be activated using two methods, Product Key Method, i.e. the software validation process during production, and the new Digital Authorization. In addition to the 25 character product key method, there is another method to enable Windows 10 – Digital Permission. The method does not use a product key. The main difference between the two activation methods is that they do not require a product key. First and foremost, all activation methods for Windows are designed to protect users’ privacy. All data collected is used to confirm that the software is a legally licensed copy. read more