The computer screen flashes after updating Norton under Windows 10

If you have upgraded your Norton security product to the latest version – perhaps after upgrading your computer to Windows 10 and you see your desktop or laptop screen blinking, this message may help.

Computer screen flashing after Norton upgrade

Norton has detected this problem and fixed it. The product you have installed may be Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus or any other Norton security product.

After downloading the tool to your desktop, you must start your Windows computer in safe mode with Networking. To do this, run msconfig (16) > Boat tab. Select Secure Start and Network, click Apply and restart your computer. read more

Windows 10 cannot be enabled. Product key locked.

If you receive an error message when trying to activate Windows 10 that Windows 10 could not be activated, this message may help you. Maybe you upgraded to Windows 10, or you installed Windows 10 cleanly, or maybe even your Windows 10 product key blocks a clean installation after the upgrade.

Windows 10 product key does not work

The way to get there is to switch from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. If you clean Windows 10 directly and use your previous key, it will not work.

Windows 10 cannot be enabled

If you upgraded from Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Upgrade to Windows 10 for free and received Windows 10 not enabled, try this : read more

To use the Contact Support application under Windows 10

We covered various features of Windows 10 to help you better understand them before you start, because well started is half done! A new feature added by Microsoft in Windows 10 is a safety net for users who do not find the help they need. Users can now contact Phone or Chat with Microsoft Answer Tech Support Team via Contact Support App in Windows 10 to solve problems related to Windows, Internet Explorer, Edge, OneDrive, Office, Xbox, Bing, Microsoft Account, etc. You can chat online or schedule a call. read more

Windows 10 for Businesses and Enterprises – Highlights and Features

Customized recommendations to clients.

  • Personal and interactive customer experience on Windows devices stimulates insurance sales
  • Manage customer transactions while maintaining branch functionality
  • Interactive and digital screens enable customers to serve themselves.
  • Capturing data, taking photos and submitting complaints in real time increases productivity
  • Case studies on Windows solutions for financial solutions can be found here.

    Windows solutions for airlines

    • Mobile point-of-sale terminals offer exceptional onboard service.
    • Maximize loyalty and revenue by customizing in-flight entertainment.
    • Improve crew engagement by providing on-call inventory and passenger data verification
    • Replace heavy paper flight bags with digitized electronic flight bags.
    • Real-time monitoring with integrated ground operation.

    Here you will find all case studies on Windows solutions for airlines. read more

    How to enable or disable email notifications from the email application under Windows 10

    Windows 10 comes with many changes and various settings. E-mail notifications for the Mail application were disabled by default for a strange reason during my installation. You can see a notification in the Notification and Action Center, but you may not receive notification for each new email. However, you can customize and configure email and other notifications based on your preferences and receive notification for each email you receive in your inbox. You can also set email notifications and action alerts for a specific email account or for multiple accounts. read more

    Change the Cortana language under Windows 10

    Cortana speaks American English, but you can change her language and let her speak the language of your choice. However, Cortana supports very few languages, but more languages are expected to be added soon. Cortana currently supports American English, British English, German, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and French.

    Changing the Cortana language under Windows 10

    We have seen how to configure Cortana. To change the language of Cortana under Windows 10, you must first install the language under Windows 10. When you are finished, click Options. Here I used German as an example. read more

    Get help on Windows 10 directly from Microsoft Store

    Windows 10 should be a smooth deployment. Microsoft’s original plan was to install a Get Windows application that should check your computer to make sure it is well prepared for the Windows 10 upgrade. In a blog post, Microsoft said that Get Windows App will not only try to solve problems, but also warn you if you need to contact the manufacturers of your hardware parts. It is only if you are satisfied that Get Windows App has been upgraded to Windows 10. But it also launched and released the media creation tool instead of limiting it to Windows Insider. And for many, this has led to many problems. Anyway, the help is there – 24 hours a day. You can use the Contact Support application not only in applications under Start, but also in any Microsoft Store for free help. read more

    Start the Windows 10 settings pages directly with these commands

    If there are Windows 10 settings that you access frequently, you want an option to open them directly by clicking a desktop shortcut or right-clicking in the context menu, with the right mouse button? Now, in this post, we see the URI for the setup applications that directly open the respective setup page.

    URI for some Windows 10 settings

    A URI or Uniform Resource Identifier is a string used to identify the name of a resource. So, if you know the URI for each parameter, you can create its shortcut on the desktop or modify the Windows registry and add it to the context menu. read more

    We’re sorry, but you can’t go back. The files we need to bring you back have been deleted

    If you do not like the new operating system, you can reset Windows 10 to the previously installed version of Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1. But what if you get one You can’t go back message when you clicked the Start button to Windows Rollback 10?

    We’re sorry, but you can’t come back. The files we need to take you back to an earlier version of Windows have been removed from this PC


    If you received this message, it could mean two things:

    1. You go back after one month of upgrading to Windows 10. After the v1670 anniversary update, the period was reduced to 10 days.
    2. You have deleted the $Windows.~BT and $Windows.~WS folders that the system needs for the rollback process.

    Microsoft mentioned that the dismantling operation is only available for one month, after which the files necessary for this operation are deleted. After one month, we assume 30 days, but I saw the Microsoft support staff mentioned in Microsoft’s responses, a period of 28 days, in the case of Windows 10. as previously mentioned, in Anniversary Update v1670, the period was reduced to 10 days. read more

    Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 Mail Applications

    Forget the old Outlook Express; Windows 10 brings the new Mail app built-in, which is equipped with many customizable settings options. In this article, we learn about the new Windows 10 email client application and check out the customization options as well as some tips and tricks.

    Tips and tricks for using Windows 10 Mail App

    The modern mail application is preinstalled with Windows 10 PC and is a greatly improved version of Windows 8.1. You must already have read our Windows 10 Mail App Test. Now let’s see how to use it.

    Create a new account in Windows 10 Mail App

    When you are connected to your PC with your Microsoft account, it is automatically linked to the email application and the built-in calendar application. If you are logged in with your local account, you must first configure the email account in the email application. read more