Replacing the USB key ejected under Windows without physical reconnection

Each time we connect a USB stick to an external hard drive on our Windows computer, it is mounted and we can access and perform file operations on it. If we finish our disconnection work instead of directly physically removing it, it is recommended to safely remove the hardware option or eject the drive . This ensures that all incomplete file operations are completed and that data corruption is avoided. Only when it is safe to disconnect the USB should we physically remove the USB.

But what if we feel the need to use the media again? We need to physically connect it. What if we used the Eject Media option to disassemble the media, but not physically separate, and now you want to reuse the media? read more

Windows Live Tiles does not work or is empty

If you have noticed that your Windows 10/8 Live Tiles is not working, or in general some tiles are empty, this article may help you to solve the problem.

Windows Live Tiles do not work or are empty

Normally, the program name and icon are displayed in the Windows 10/8 Start menu or on the screen. A live tile displays the latest news or content that the application may want to see. But I recently received an email from the Windows user saying that his live tile is not updated, the number is not displayed and sometimes nothing at all is displayed. read more

Windows Event Log Service not started

The Windows Event Log Service manages a series of event logs that use the system, system components, and applications to log events. The service provides functions that allow programs to maintain and manage event logs and perform log operations, such as archiving and reconciliation. This allows administrators to keep event logs and perform administrative tasks that require administrative rights.

For some unknown reason, if you have difficulty starting the following, it is quite possible that one of the reasons why the Windows Event Log service does not work. read more

WinKey keyboard shortcuts and how to create your own, under Windows 10/8/7

Many actions and commands that you execute with the mouse can also be executed using keyboard shortcuts. And the keyboard is often faster when several mouse clicks are needed.

Key combinations

Here are some shortcuts with the Windows key, or the key with the Windows logo is it is usually located between the Ctrl and Alt keys of your keyboard. These keyboard shortcuts are also known as Microsoft keyboard shortcuts.

I list below Shortcuts below, for reference.

: Open and close start screen or start menu

WinKey + C : Open charm bar read more

Error 0xc00d11d1 (0x8007007e) when playing music in the Xbox Music application

In Windows 8, the Xbox Music application could be a good alternative to the native Windows Media Player . The Xbox Music App application allows you to easily organize your songs with different filters and play them with the charming Modern UI. We have already seen how to fix Can’t Plays bugs with 0xc00d11cd (0x8000ffff) code for this application. Recently, however, we encountered another error when playing music from the application. In this scenario, when we tried to start a song, this error prevents us from doing it:
read more

Windows resource protection could not start the repair service

If you Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service, if you click Run /scannow or System File Checker under Windows 8/7, then this message may help you.

System File Checker or sfc.exe is a utility in Microsoft Windows located in the folder C:WindowsSystem32. This utility allows users to search for and recover corrupted Windows system files.

But sometimes you get one of the following errors when running this tool – and the tool will not be able to perform or finish its job successfully. read more

The Windows 8 Live Tiles startup screen does not update beyond the specified limit

Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 The boot screen is designed to provide users with real-time updates on its tiles. The application’s tiles play animations when configured to play and provide you with notifications about text, images or a combination of both. To avoid unnecessary use of data when integrating these tile updates, Microsoft has set a limit beyond which live tiles will no longer be updated. After this limit, you may have new content when opening the application, but the corresponding application will not provide you with new updates. read more

Disable the language bar or input indicator in Windows 10/8

Disable the language bar in Windows

Open the Control Panel in the WinX menu and click on the language applet. It is assumed that you have more than one language as the input language. In my picture, you see English and Hindi.

Click on Advanced settings, which you can see in the left part. The following window opens. Under Switching the Input Method Use the desktop language bar when it

By default, the language bar is displayed in the task bar as follows.

If you select Floating on Desktop, you will see the following bar that you can move and place anywhere on your Windows desktop. read more

Windows 8.1 PC Settings now displays the disk space used by modern applications, media, user files

Most of you have already installed Windows 8.1 Update. This free Windows 8 update adds new features. The Windows 8.1 update focuses on customer-oriented enhancements, tutorials, more customization options, the ability to boot from the default desktop, multitasking enhancements and more.

If you open the PC settings via the Charms bar, you will see a new Storage Space section. To view it, open PC Settings, click PC and Devices. In the right pane, you see

Under Disk Space, you can see the space and files used by modern applications and media under User Files. read more

Automatic repair under Windows 10/8

Users of Windows 10/8 may have noticed that it contains a new restore function called Automatic repair. If your Windows 10/8 is unable to boot or start, automatic boot repair runs and attempts to diagnose and resolve the problem. It scans system files, registry settings, configuration settings and more and tries to solve the problem automatically.

Automatic repair on Windows startup

If you want to access and run the automatic repair manually, you must start in the advanced startup options. the following screen appears. (4353) read more