How to reset the folder view under Windows 10

Windows 10 is easy to use and customize, but it becomes annoying when your folder display settings change automatically. Usually, we adjust our folder display settings according to our own preferences such as grid/list, large/medium/small icons, etc. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.

Windows 10/8/7 often forgets folder display settings, and this is the case when you need to reset settings that include sort order or files, display mode, grouping, etc. In all versions of Windows, you can customize and reset your folders. You can do this via File Explorer or via the Windows registry. This article shows us how to reset your folders in Windows 10 PC. read more

How to troubleshoot surface coverage or keyboard connectivity problems

Surface Type Cover or Keyboard provides one of the best typing experiences. Not only is it designed to bring the best look, but it is also designed to ensure that you can do your job properly and faster. However, if you have a problem where the keyboard is not recognized or is not typed at all, let us check your surface coverage or your keyboard. Sometimes simple things like removing and replacing the surface cover or keyboard solve the problem.

Surface cover troubleshooting or keyboard connection problems

Before you begin, make sure that the surface cover is torn or needs to be repaired or replaced if it is under warranty. You can go to the Microsoft Device page and look. You should register your keyboard and talk to customer service. read more

Windows could not start the peer network grouping service on the local computer

Although Microsoft has removed the Windows 10 v1803 home group, you can find this feature in older versions of Windows 10 and Windows 8/7 if you are using a version of Windows that has a home group feature, but an error message called Windows could not start the peer grouping service on the local computer with the error code 1068, here are some possible solutions you might find useful. The complete error message is something like this:

Windows could not start the Peer Networking Grouping service on the local computer. Error 1068: The service or dependency group could not be started. read more

How to limit the bandwidth of foreground downloads under Windows 10

Windows 10 users should be familiar with the two types of downloads that are performed in their operating system, namely – foreground downloads and background downloads. Before limiting the bandwidth of downloads in the foreground, we need to understand their characteristics, then we will talk about how we can limit their bandwidth.

Unintentional downloads by your operating system are called background downloads. These are usually updates that are done under Windows 10 and are downloaded automatically without asking permission or interaction with the user. Whenever there are update requests, you will see that they are updated immediately. read more

The mouse pointer on Surface Pro 4 jumps everywhere? Try these corrections

Do you have problems with your Microsoft Surface Pro 4, where the mouse pointer jumps , as if it were trying to avoid a cat? It’s a problem that could complicate the use of the device, and it’s probably quite frustrating. The cursor jump is not only for surface 4, we should point it out, so for those who have different computers, we recommend you follow the guide we are about to interpret, and we hope that this will help you.

Surface Pro mouse pointer jumps around

If you are faced with Microsoft Surface Pro mouse pointer problems where the mouse pointer jumps around or moves around by itself or jumps irregularly or sometimes disappears, this article shows how to recover the mouse pointer and get it to behave correctly. read more

How to download Windows 10 ISO without using the media creation tool

Several times you need to download the ISO file from Windows 10 to install Windows 10 fresh on your PC. This could be because your Windows 10 upgrade did not go well or your existing installation was damaged and the only solution is to reinstall the operating system. Microsoft offers to download ISO files from its website, but only as the media creation tool. With this tool, you can create bootable USB sticks. The disadvantage of this method is that you have to download the files again and again when you need them. In this article, we talk about a way to download Windows 10 ISO files directly from Microsoft servers without using the multimedia tool. read more

Photo app opens blurry images under Windows 10

Although the Windows 10 photo application is a smooth and useful application, some users have indicated that when they use the photo application to open images, it displays blurred images, even if the images are high resolution and high quality. If you are 100% sure that the original image is clear, but Photos app opens a blurry image, here are some possible solutions that will solve your problem.

Photos app opens blurry images

1] Restart the background process Photos app read more

How to disable the touchpad when an external mouse is connected to Windows 10/8/7

Users who own a laptop or tablet with trackpad prefer an external mouse. This external mouse is used because it increases productivity. Users are used to using this full-size external mouse because it is simply robust and helps these users do more. Thus, in older versions of Windows 10, there was an option in the touchpad settings in the Settings application where a user can enable or disable the check box that says Leave the touchpad enabled when a mouse is connected. So if you want to disable the touchpad when an external mouse or pointing device is connected. But, as mentioned in Windows 10 1803, this option is no longer available. read more

How to solve the display problem of the stretched screen under Windows 10

There may be an instance where you can see that fonts and images on your desktop are stretched vertically or horizontally. The stretched desktop screen makes the font appear larger and unclear, so it adapts the entire screen content to the screen. This distorts the entire screen and makes it difficult to read the contents of the desktop. It should also be mentioned that the desktop screen looks tense when the desktop pixels are irregular and broken, which stretches the image horizontally or vertically. The problem with the stretched display can be caused either by an incorrect configuration of the screen resolution, which is usually caused by a few random keys, or by the use of some defective graphics drivers. In this article, we discuss some solutions to solve the problem. read more

The deleted keyboard reappears each time the PC starts

Windows 10 supports multiple keyboard installations on your PC. This is useful for those who need to use multiple languages for their work. You may have tried this out of curiosity, and even after removing these keyboards from your profile, they reappear every time you start your PC. The problem is most visible during the login screen. In this article, we show you how you can prevent deleted keyboards from reappearing.

The deleted keyboard appears every time the PC starts

This problem occurs especially if you have multiple accounts on your Windows 10 PC. Some users may use multiple keyboards, and it seems that this setting applies to all other accounts, even if the user has not activated them himself. Understand this as a global framework for all users. It removes the settings from the clean installation, and the only way to change them is to copy them from the Control Panel. read more