Disable iTunes Help to prevent iTunes from automatically opening under Windows 10

iTunes is the headquarters of Apple Music. This entertainment superstore allows users to buy music online via their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It even runs on a Windows PC that provides a backup for iTunes libraries. When you start iTunes in Windows 10/8/7, an – iTunes Helper application starts in the background. While the application is only there to start iTunes when you connect an Apple device to a PC, it becomes part of a big nuisance when you see it again and again or when you connect your iOS device to your PC. read more

How to uninstall App Addons from Windows Store Apps in Windows 10

Universal applications are miniature programs designed to do one thing right to increase productivity. Many add-ons apps can be installed directly from the official Windows store, just as there are Photos DLC Main Add-on for the Photos application in Windows 10. In this post, we will see how to uninstall Universal Apps add-ons in Windows 10.

Uninstalling Universal App Add-ons

Installing add-ons from the Windows store is easy and sometimes requires no action. Users who are not technically competent users may have difficulty uninstalling them because they are not displayed in the Control Panel or in the Apps category of the settings. read more

How to delete the background history in Windows 10

If you do not want to display wallpapers previously used in customization or if you want to delete recently used wallpapers, you can delete Wallpaper History in Windows 10.

Delete background history in Windows 10

By default, the Windows settings bar displays a total of five wallpapers when you open the Customize > Background window. It contains four wallpapers used so far and the current wallpaper. Each time you change the background image, the last image in the list is deleted. Now, if you want to restore all the default background images at this point to quickly change the desktop background, here’s a simple trick. read more

How to reduce the ChkDsk countdown time in Windows 10

Your PC hard drive may be damaged if the power supply (SMPS) does not provide the required performance for all hardware and peripherals. This can lead to data corruption. In such cases, Windows dirties the hard disk partitions so that the next time it is started, an analysis with the Chkdsk utility can be performed. Once you reboot, the chkdsk utility will continue to scan and try to find and correct any partition errors. However, a message appears first, prompting the user to press a key to bypass the disk verification operation. read more

The boot configuration data file does not contain some required information

If you receive a PC that needs to be repaired, The boot configuration file lacks information , message on your Windows 10/8/7 computer, then this message may help you.

The boot configuration file lacks some required information
Error code : 0xc0000034

The boot configuration file lacks some required information

This error is displayed if some required information is missing or damaged in the boot configuration file or BCD file. The corresponding error codes can be 0xc0000034 or 0x0000098.

The error generally suggests that you need to use recovery tools on your installation media such as DVD or USB to repair and restore your Windows installation. read more

Fix The volume does not contain a message from the file system detected in Windows

If you The volume does not contain a detected file system, please ensure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted, then this message gives you the solution to solve the problem. Often, when you have connected a USB storage device to your Windows 10/8/7 computer, you may have received a message that you must format the drive before you can use it. It can be a USB stick, a memory card/SD card or your external hard drive. And this prompt does not allow you to use the floppy until you format it. read more

Enable or disable power throttling under Windows 10

Windows 10 v1709 introduces a new energy saving technology called Power Throttling. A unique feature of this technology is that, while it gives users access to powerful multitasking capabilities, it improves battery life through energy-efficient background operation. If you do not find it useful, you can disable it.

Performance reduction under Windows 10

A Windows integrated recognition system identifies and keeps active user tasks or tasks that are important to the user during execution. Other processes are automatically strangled. The task manager can be used to find such applications. read more


If you see a blue screen with Stop Error VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_FATAL_ERROR in Windows 10 after the Windows 10 update, here is a solution that might help you solve the problem. This error message may be accompanied by error codes such as 0xD80310B0, x05F6C614D, 0x680B871E or 0x96D854E5 and indicates that the Microsoft DirectX graphics kernel subsystem has detected an infringement.


If you get this stop error, here are some things you might try.

1] Reinstall/update the video driver

Uninstall and reinstall your video driver. If this does not solve your problem, you may need to update the video driver. To update the driver, open Device Manager. After opening, expand option Display adapter , right-click the driver and select option Update driver . read more

How to use Emoji Panel in Windows 10

Microsoft has added its own Emoji Panel or Picker to Windows 10 v 1709. It allows to easily enter emojis in text messages or applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint via a simple shortcut. Simply press Windows + dot (.) or Windows + semicolon (;) to open the Emoji panel. A unique feature is that the panel also includes a search option that helps you find the emoji you want. The latest Unicode updates in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update also introduce useful additions such as elements of Arabic folklore in the form of geniuses, dinosaurs, fairies and zombies for the Halloween event. You will find all this under a new, clearly arranged Emoji panel. read more

Fix Windows activation error code 10 0xC004F012

It is sometimes difficult to activate the Windows operating system. Such a Windows 10 activation error is accompanied by an error code 0xC004F012. If you are looking for an effective solution to this error, perhaps some of our suggestions will help you.

Windows activation error 10 0xC004F012

You may be wondering what caused this error. Well, the Windows 10 0xC004F012 activation error occurs because the license repository is missing or corrupted. Sometimes the error occurs during the first activation, sometimes during a major upgrade where the activation state is lost. read more