Solved: Repair Unexpected Store Exception Error

Getting a blue screen of death where your system unexpectedly crashes is frustrating. Especially when you don’t understand the problem. If the error is called “Unexpected Store Exception”, we can help you.

Unexpected Store Exception

The Unexpected Store Exception error has disrupted many users after previous versions of Windows 10 were updated. It is usually accompanied by the formidable BSOD or the blue screen of death. Most of the time, this exception was triggered by an antivirus program.

Fixed an unexpected store exception error: read more


CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION is a famous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), which is well known in the Windows platform due to the number of errors associated. Normally, a critical state appears in the computer as a BSOD.


The CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION error check has the value 0x00000109, indicating that the kernel has detected critical kernel or data code corruption.

This error is usually a driver problem and the graphics card driver is the most suspicious, although it may be different. Anti-virus/anti-spyware/security programs, hardware (heat) and major software problems can also cause the error. When you arrive in the troubleshooting driver area, use my common methods below, then return to troubleshooting if necessary. read more

Fixing Boot Error Code 0xc000000e in Windows

The error code 0xc000000e means that the current bootable device cannot be found on the selected interface. This means that the wrong mode is set in the bios for a Sata-based hard disk.

0xc00000e error

If the error 0xc000000e occurs when starting Windows, it simply means that you are dealing with corrupted boot configuration data. The boot configuration data is a global memory for all boot options and settings on new Windows PCs. You receive this error message when you try to start your device and you will see a black screen with instructions on how to repair your computer using an installation floppy disk or a recovery drive. read more

Fixed: intelppm.sys Blue Screen Error

Intelppm.sys is a Microsoft Intel processor driver that should be located in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers directory. This intelppm.sys file is secure and should not be considered a threat to your computer. The intelppm.sys process is part of Microsoft Windows and should not be removed or prevented from loading Windows each time. Otherwise, Windows may fail or crash.

This error seems to occur very frequently when an operating system runs in a virtual environment such as VirtualBox, OracleVM, or when Windows runs in a non-standard environment, such as Bootcamp, which is based on BIOS emulation. If you are using a virtual operating system in another version of Windows or starting Windows 8.1 on your dual Mac, you can find this blue screen. read more

Blue Screen Error SrtTrail.txt Fix (Solved)

Windows 10 is the most advanced operating system, but like other versions of Windows, it is not error-free. Many users report various problems, update errors and others from time to time. Some bugs are easy to fix, but some of them are quite difficult to fix.

SrtTrail.txt Error Fix

The Srttrail.txt or MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION BSOD error is the critical error that users are faced with due to system malfunction and sends users to the BSOD error before the system starts. This Windows 10 error is frustrating enough and unexpectedly interrupts any work when the system is already running or loaded. read more

(Solved) MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION hal.dll Blue Screen Error

In most cases, the machine check exception error is a hardware error, compatibility error or low-level driver problem.


The HAL layer (Windows Hardware Abstraction Layer) is implemented in the Hal.dll. The HAL implements a number of functions that are implemented differently by different hardware platforms, which in this context refers mainly to the chipset.

Drivers can be a bug, but hard disk problems or anti-virus/anti-spyware/security products are as much the main cause as they can force a driver to corrupt or cross borders. The video driver or something that affects it would be very suspicious. read more


If the VIDEO SCHEDULER INTERNAL ERROR error message appears on the blue screen of death error, you are not alone. Many Windows 10 users have already reported this error. But you don’t have to worry, and one thing is certain: it can be repaired.


In case of a Video Scheduler Internal Error message, this means that there is a problem with the display adapter of your PC.

Update device drivers

The internal error of the video scheduler can also be caused by an obsolete, incorrect or damaged system driver. You should check that all your devices have the correct driver and update those that do not. read more

How To Repair Error Code 0xc0000428 BSOD

The error code 0xc0000428 may appear from nowhere, but users have confirmed that it occurs most often after a major update or after switching from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10. Sometimes it doesn’t even allow them to use their computer at all, so it can’t boot properly.


In most cases, the 0xc0000428 error can be corrected simply by disabling the digital signature control or by repairing the Windows boot loader.

The information on the BSOD 0xc0000428 may vary slightly depending on the operating system version. However, as the problem comes from the boot manager, the same corrections should be applied in most cases. Unfortunately, BSOD errors are often fatal, which means you have to take your PC to the experts to repair them. However, before paying IT specialists, try the methods described below. Many people could correct the error code 0xc0000428 by following these steps. read more


DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION is one of the most annoying and frustrating bugs.


This DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error often occurs when the mouse pointer freezes or the program fails on your system after the operating system update. This error is followed by the system crash or the blue death screen, commonly called BSOD, which is certainly very annoying for users. DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION Blue Screen under Windows 10 results from various factors, for example if your hardware is incompatible, defective drivers or damaged system files are present. read more

(Solved) SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 0x0000003b BSOD Repair Guide

The error check SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION has the value 0x0000003b. This indicates that an exception occurred when executing a routine that changes from non-preferred to preferred code.


This error has been associated with excessive use of the paged pool and can occur because the graphics drivers cross the kernel code in user mode and transmit faulty data to the kernel.

This is one of those blue screens of deadly defects that can occur when using Windows. Blue Screen Stop 0x0000003b system_service_exception is a system error caused by corrupted or misconfigured Microsoft IEEE 1394 device drivers and system files. Misconfigured system files on the computer lead to the blue screen Stop 0x0000003b. But even this error can be the result of a series of user actions, such as installing obsolete software or damaging driver files. read more