Painting Clouds

Painting puffy clouds is easy and fun, in addition to stress-relieving (:
This is relatively beginner friendly, since only a few tools are used. Lots of pictures and steps included!


Create an empty canvas. Lets fill it with a nice sky color, blue perhaps. Now you may follow the next step or, otherwise skip it and use a the gradient tool instead. I personally prefer the following step because then the sky looks more natural, but if you’re feel lazy … gradient tool is always an option.


Use the dodge tool (or pick your own colors) to vary the shades …

Smudge … (use a big sized brush for more efficiency!)

Hint: usually the sky is lighter near
the horizon…


Dodge tool again! Set to “dodge” and make a roughly cloud-shaped blob..

Smudge the edges to make it puffy (:


Use the same dodge settings as before, make another blob on top (same layer) that is a little smaller than the previous blob …

Smudge again! Try not to smudge the previous blob outline, so that there are different shades. It adds dimension/depth (:


Now .. pick a smaller brush!
Using dodge tool on same settings, scribble little outlines on some parts of the cloud … mostly the bottom and some sides. Don’t over do this!

Now with a slightly larger brush, smudge .. again, not too much, because a healthy cloud has depth and puffiness (:


odge again …

Smudge again …

Hint: when smudging, it is VERY important to use a SMALL brush size and also not to smudge TOO much or else the cloud will become ONE BIG UNICOLOR BLOB! Noooo! D:


Now repeat until your cloud is nice
and puffy …

Your creation is complete!

I would add the file, but its just all on one layer… ;__;

Yep, that’s about it! Enjoy your clouding experience 😀

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