Registrar Registry Manager Lite: Free and powerful Windows registry manager

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Registrar Registry Manager Lite is a free tool for system administrators and experienced users who often need to work with the Windows registry. This tool provides a complete and secure solution for working with and maintaining the registry on your own desktop and on remote computers on the network.

Free Registry Manager

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This program provides solutions for saving and restoring records, quick search and replace in background, a bookmark editor with categories that supports color keys and adding descriptions to registry keys and values, detailed property pages, tools for easy navigation. The program offers a multi-level undo, so that all record changes can be undone individually.

In addition to the functions already included in regedit, the software includes the following features and functionality :

    1. A registry defragmenter
    2. A registry monitor that monitors access to the registry by the system and other programs
    3. Security editors that allow you to set access restrictions for your registry keys
    4. Optimized registry. Includes hundreds of registry settings and registry key descriptions
    5. Reliable registry backup and restore functions
    6. Registry file editors allow you to modify the registry files that make up the system registry image on disk.
  1. Remote editing of the register. Easy remote system maintenance. Each remote register opens in a separate window
  2. Find and replace registers
  3. Register bookmarks. It provides a registry bookmark editor with categories and an optional key color.
  4. Registry Data Editor
  5. Registry Activity Controller
  6. Registry Comparison Tool
  7. Import and Export Registry Files
  8. Create Registry Shortcut
  9. registry
  10. Modify registry files on disk
  11. Registry security editor
  12. Cancel multi-level
  13. Command line version
  14. And some other advanced options.

The registry operator shall, in one way or another, be portable. Once you have installed the software, you can use the files installed in your program directory and run them on any computer without installation. Some features, such as shell integration, are not enabled, but can be enabled from the Advanced Options menu.

Download page for Registrar Registry Manager Lite. Also works under Windows 10/8/7 !

You should also try RegCool and Registry Commander, two advanced registry editors for Windows.

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