How to Remove Zeus Virus Detected on Your Computer

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Windows Defender Alert: Zeus Virus is a fake message that is closely linked to adware. If you are infected by such a threat, you will receive false errors that will keep you informed of malicious viruses on your computer. In reality, your computer is not infected with the Zeus virus because it is no longer active. Malware was deactivated in 2011. You should also check if Windows Defender is installed on your system. In addition, as mentioned above, this malicious application can also display suspicious notifications or redirect them to unwanted websites. When we talk about installing this PUP, it can come from anywhere on the Internet, for example other software, infected hyperlinks and ads, third-party sites, etc.

An updated variant of the Zeus virus alert that is currently in rotation is the Windows Defender alert. This particular hoax looks and feels slightly different. It contains a large Windows logo, a list of allegedly compromised data and a recommendation to call Microsoft Technical Services at (888) 202-7560.

How does the Zeus virus scam work?

Not many people would fall into this kind of social engineering scam if the scammers didn’t use something that blocks the browser. The Zeus virus scam and the vast majority of variants of the technical support scam will use a JavaScript trick that will eventually analyze the victim’s browser.

But remember that no malicious code is used, so security scans will not detect malware on computers that process its particular popup.

How can the Zeus virus be eliminated?

Scan the computer in safe mode when the antivirus program is installed.

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  1. When troubleshooting a PC, a common step is to boot the operating system in safe mode with network. The same approach is used to remove Zeus Virus Detected. Please follow the instructions based on the version of your Windows operating system.
  2. Once your Windows is running in safe mode, open the installed antivirus programs and update it to the latest version by automatically downloading the required updates.
  3. Scan your computer thoroughly and remove all identified threats. Do not restart or shut down the computer after scanning. You will need to perform another scan. Please follow the next step.

Removal of PUPs and adware

Okay, as soon as you’re sure there’s no virus or a faulty third-party application installed on your PC, we should start looking at the PUPs. These nasty creepers usually cling to the eyebrows and come in different sizes and shapes. The most common are adware toolbars.

They remove your browser, replace your standard search engine with an advertising-supported bin and redirect your traffic to suspicious websites.


If the warning “Windows has detected the ZEUS virus” is still displayed, we recommend that you reinstall your browser. The process takes a few minutes and will help you eliminate the persistent prompt.

Do you have any other suggestions for removing malicious adware? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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