Reset the Windows administrator password with Sticky Keys

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Resetting a lost or forgotten administrator password can be a bit tedious for a general Windows user if you don’t have the right tools and techniques to reset it, depending on the operating system you are using. However, there are several free third-party password recovery tools on the market that can help you reset your password, but this is not our problem here. This manual shows you how to reset and recover a lost or forgotten Windows password using a simple Sticky Keys.

Sticky Keys allow the user to enter key combinations by pressing the keys in order rather than simultaneously. This is particularly desirable for users who are unable to press the keys in combination due to certain physical challenges. Although the Sticky Key activation method helps to simplify various tasks, their system files can be replaced.

You can replace an Ease of Access system file such as sethc.exe with a command prompt, then use cmd.exe to make system changes.

Before proceeding with this method, please note the following :

If you reset a Windows password, all files compressed/encrypted with tools such as Encrypting File Systems (EFS) are lost.

2 Registered Internet Explorer passwords and settings are also lost.

So if you have a backup, it’s good for you.

TIP: With our Ease Of Access Replacer, you can replace the Windows Ease of Access button with useful tools, including CMD.

Reset Administrator Password on Windows

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To reset the password, you need a bootable Windows PE drive that allows you to access the command prompt where you must set the new password.

Once you have started the Windows PE DVD and are ready, follow these steps.

1 Start from the Windows PE DVD and open the command prompt from the Advanced Troubleshooting menu.

2 Enter the letter of the drive on which your operating system is installed, usually drive C:. First of all, you should be on the X: drive, which is the default residence for Windows PE.

Enter the following command after replacing C with the drive on which Windows is installed on your PC.

 Copy C:Windows System32sethc.exe C :

(4) After saving the original file, run the following command to replace it at its original location.

copy /y C:Windowssystem32cmd.exe C:windowssystem32sethc.exe

The above command should replace the sethc.exe file with the cmd.exe file.

5 Restart your PC and navigate to the screen where you need a password. Press SHIFT 5 times.

6. A command prompt window should open in which you can enter the following command and reset your account password. You can get the list of current users on your PC with the net user command.

net-User your_account  new_password

Well, that’s it! You should now be able to reset the password.

Once you have logged in, you must replace the cmd.exe file with the original system file sethc.exe.

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