Restart Rx Recovery: Restore Windows computers each time you restart

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Since Microsoft abandoned Windows SteadyState 2010, there are many free Windows SteadyState alternatives on the market. Of course, there are ways to achieve a stable state in Windows with native Windows features, free Microsoft tools and Microsoft technologies, but this process is too cumbersome. Enter another stable alternative for Windows 8 – Reboot Restore Rx.

Maintaining publicly accessible computers is a real challenge. Every time someone uses a public computer, they are not affected at all, they just want to do their job and get away with it. They may try to install new software, save new files, delete some files or make changes to the system. Reboot Restore Rx is a free program specially designed for level 1 public computers. It has an advanced recovery system that restores your computer each time you restart or restart, so any changes a user may make to the computer are undone and ignored when the Windows computer is restarted or restarted.

Restore Windows with each reboot

Restore Restore Rx Check

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Restore Rx is a free software very easy to use and requires minimal configuration. All you have to do is select the drives (during installation) you want to protect and the application will be enabled to protect the selected drives.

Whether it deletes system files, installs or uninstalls software, or even enters the registry, the computer will return to its original state for the next user after rebooting. You can update the software baseline simply by disabling it once and enabling it again.

Reboot Restore Rx has a strong architecture that is absolutely attack-proof. The software does not run under Windows, but has its own mini operating system that starts at the hard disk sector level each time and performs recovery. This is the feature that distinguishes it from all other similar system recovery applications.

Since the reboot restore Rx works outside or below Windows, it is capable of protecting the primary boot record and maintaining system integrity. The software can also be useful if you cannot boot under Windows because it is easily able to recover Windows from these unusable states.

This software is recommended for PCs installed in public places such as Internet cafes, libraries, hotels, computer labs, classrooms or regular desktop computers. Remember that if you use the software in an office, you must leave a drive outside the protection of the software to store important data. You may need to move your personal folders such as documents, photos, videos, etc. to the other disk.

Features in brief :

  • Restore on reboot
  • Restore to baseline on PC startup or reset
  • Protects MBR
  • Works under Windows
  • Mini OS Access
  • Restore Windows non-bootable
  • Instant updates in a single click
  • VMWare Support.

The software is based on a very useful concept and is a must for public computers and regular users who frequently try new software or system-wide changes. But as I already mentioned, don’t forget to move your personal folders such as documents, photos, videos, etc. to the other disk, otherwise you risk losing all your backed up files with each reboot.

Restart Restore Rx Download

Click here to download Reboot Restore Rx Free.

NOTE : SamerKurdi adds in the comments that it is not compatible with Windows 10.

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