ScanNow UPnP: Scan vulnerable networks for devices

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A recent investigation has revealed vulnerabilities in the UPnP protocol used by devices such as routers, printers, etc., and the UPnP protocol has not been fully implemented. Of course, errors pose a risk of theft or spying on user data. ScanNow is a free tool that allows you to check whether your devices are exploitable and helps you reduce the risk caused by these vulnerabilities.

Device vulnerability testing

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ScanNow is a free portable tool that allows you to scan the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol to see if your network compatible devices are ready to close vulnerabilities. It is a very simple tool, but it does a very complex job.

Before starting the analysis, you must register the software, which seemed very unusual to me, as all fields were required, including your phone number, annual income, etc.

In the first screen, enter the range of network IP addresses you want to search for UPnP devices. If you do not understand the step, simply click Start Scan, and the IP range will be automatically loaded in the first step.

Once the scan has started, give it some time to complete, it will take no more than 2 to 3 minutes. If you wish, you can also stop scanning between the two. Once the analysis is complete, a report of the results of the analysis will appear.

The report mentions vulnerabilities and is marked as exploitable. After mentioning all possible vulnerabilities, the report ends and shows you an overview of the results with usable and identified devices within the scanned IP range.

You can save or copy this report for future reference. You can use the suggestions to keep your computer safe and protected from operating risks. Remember that the tool cannot solve problems because they are hardware related. It can only propose preventive measures to avoid risks. To resolve problems, you may need to read your product documentation or contact the manufacturer and make the changes manually.

Overall, the tool is useful. You must scan the network to find usable devices and take certain measures to avoid the risk of hacking. The ScanNow tool is very easy to use, but you must register it before using it.

ScanNow for UPnP free download

Click here to download ScanNow for UPnP.

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