ScreenWings prevents malware from taking screenshots

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To prevent malware from taking screenshots of your computer, use free software such as ScreenWings, which prevents malware from taking unauthorized screenshots of your Windows computer by hiding the screen.

ScreenWing’s anti-screen tool for Windows

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Screen captures have become a good way for us to capture machine behavior and correct errors. However, screenshots can also pose a serious threat to privacy, as most malware and other attackers tend to take screenshots of your computer to capture the data. Even if you use computer sharing software such as Team Viewer, it becomes more risky because the other party may take your screenshots without your knowledge. Malware often collects your bank details and other important information by capturing screenshots from your computer.

ScreenWings is a free anti-screen program for the Windows operating system. The program prevents the user from taking a screenshot on the machine on which it is installed. ScreenWings is quite easy to use and has only two start buttons. The red x symbol is only used to close the program, while the second is a switch to enable and disable the screenshot protection function. It is good that the program allows you to enable the feature according to your needs, after which you can simply turn it off.

Now comes the curious part, what happens when you try to make a screenshot when the program is active? Once the program detects that a screenshot is taken, it simply obscures the screen and prevents the attempt. Personally, I tried the usual screen capture tools I used before, or a current tool and, surprisingly, it was possible for ScreenWings to lock them all without too much noise.

Here too, it is quite possible that malware is designed in such a way that it can bypass the blocker, but here too, it is not harmful to be cautious. If you use multiple monitors, not because the program runs on both monitors, it’s pretty amazing since it’s a freeware.

ScreenWings is an ingenious small tool which, due to its light weight and speed, can also be worn on the pen drive to increase safety. This tool is also suitable for public computers on which journals and reference documents are stored. However, the reserve is that ScreenWings is a memory guzzler that consumes 175 MB of your precious memory while running Windows 10.

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