How to secure your Dropbox account in a few steps

Last Updated on November 30, 2018

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Dropbox is one of the many cloud services you can use to store your data online. Almost all free online storage offerings – including Amazon, Google, OneDrive and Dropbox – seem to focus more on your photos and encourage you to store your photos for free. Whether you use the cloud to store photos or something else, you need to make sure the files are safe. You will not want your family photos on the Internet with malicious intent. Although the only thing you can do to secure your deposit box account is to encrypt the contents, there are minor things I want to talk about so that you are more protected.

Secure Dropbox Account

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Did you know that if you sold your phone that was on the Dropbox, it is still registered with Dropbox? It is not disconnected if you delete the drop box or perform a reset. The drop box cloud will always see it as your own phone and it can get angry if the person who bought the phone somehow finds out your credentials. You won’t even be warned – to make things worse.

It is a good idea to periodically review all the cloud services you use to ensure that they do not provide access to devices you no longer use or applications you no longer need.

To check the drop box settings, type into your web folder or right-click the drop box icon in your taskbar and select Show drop box folder on the web. In either case, your browser will open the drop box for you. From there, click on your name next to your image to open the drop-down menu and select Settings from the menu.

You get a page with three tabs : Profile, Account and Security. You must check all three tabs to increase the security of your deposit box account.

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Profile tab in Dropbox

Scroll down to e-mail notifications. There are two options to which you should pay special attention (opt-in). One of them is the Inform me when a new device is connected to my dropbox. The other is Let me know when a new application is connected to my Dropbox.

These two options trigger an email when you or someone else attempts to access your dropbox from a new device or allows a third-party application to access your dropbox.

You can also be notified if too many files are deleted from your dropbox. This can be a hacker connecting to your drop box or to yourself. Be sure to check the box if too many files are deleted.

You can use (enable or disable) other email notifications as you wish, but both above – when a new device is added and a new application is allowed – are essential to stay safe.

Account tab in Dropbox

The list of connected services appears here. In addition to services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, you can also see other services that you have connected to your dropbox. This can be a multcloud, a cloud to cloud transfer service or something similar. There are many third-party applications that claim to enhance your experience with Dropbox, and you may have used them in the past. If you still use them, it is not necessary to act. However, if you do not use these services in connection with Dropbox, you should consider deleting them from your Dropbox account. You never know when someone is using these connected services as a back door to access your drop box.

Briefly scroll down to Connected Services and go back.

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