Skype for Windows 10 doesn’t work or makes voice and video calls

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OK, your Skype for Windows 10 is no longer working and you are losing your mind. What could be the problem behind this last problem, even though the application worked a few days ago? Many people have encountered these problems since the introduction of Skype for Windows 10, even today. In my opinion, it is still not comparable to the regular version of Skype, but the gap is closing.

Skype for Windows 10 doesn’t work

Well, if you have problems making calls, chances are you have the following symptoms.

Everything is connected, status is available, microphone and camera work, but voice and video calls cannot be made. Even if you appear online, you won’t get them when they call.

1] Check microphone and camera permissions

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Check that the privacy settings are as they should be. Open the Start menu and select Settings > Privacy. Go to Microphone and enable Let applications use my microphone, then go to Camera and enable Let applications use my camera equipment.

2] Reset Skype application

We will reset Skype for Windows 10, so start the Start menu and click Settings. Click Apps, then find Skype and click it in the app list. Select Advanced, then click Reset to restore the factory settings.

3] Check the Windows Defender firewall settings

You can also check if Skype is allowed through the Windows Defender firewall. To do this, select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender. Click the Open Windows Defender Security Center option and navigate to Firewall & Network Protection.

Scroll down to Allow an application through the firewall and set Skype as an allowed application if you haven’t already.

4] Reinstall the Skype application for Windows 10

Uninstall and re-install Skype for Windows 10 Start Start menu, open Settings > Applications and search for the Skype application. Right-click the application and select Uninstall.

Reinstall Skype for Windows 10 by starting, browsing and downloading the Microsoft Store again.

When you are finished, restart your computer and restart Skype for Windows 10. Everything should work fine now, but if for some reason it still doesn’t work as it should, we should recommend switching to the desktop version of Skype.

You can also try some alternatives to Skype if you are too tired of the problems you are having. The alternatives are great, but they may not have a large user base.

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