How to Troubleshoot Direct3d11 Error 0X087A0001 in Windows 10 PC

In general, PC experts refer to Direct3D11 error 0X087A0001 as a type of “runtime error.” Microsoft developers typically evaluate Direct3D using a series of error removal modules to meet industry standards. Although software developers try to avoid this, some minor errors, such as 0x087A0001, may not be detected at this stage.

What causes Direct3d11 error 0X087A0001?

  • Standard resolution is not supported
  • The game is not compatible with Windows 10
  • GPU driver version is unstable or outdated
  • Windows 10 optimization settings are not used
  • High DPI scaling is not supported by the app
  • The application does not support system color mode

How to resolve the Direct3d11 0X087A0001 error?

Launch the program in compatibility mode read more