Troubleshooting: ISDone.dll is Missing Error Message

To provide better graphics and a faster gaming experience, most games today, such as Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption, require a lot of memory to run. As a result, sometimes you can’t install large game files on your PC due to a lack of RAM or hard drive space.

Therefore, if you run a game or program where this kind of error occurs, try to solve it in one of the ways described below.

What causes ISDone.dll to disappear?

The “isdone.dll” error occurs when your computer’s registry is damaged or destroyed. The error occurs because your computer cannot find the DLL file, which may be corrupted or deleted. Another reason for the ‘isdone.dll’ error may be that your computer does not have enough memory to store the file. read more

How to Fix Authorization Error 8-12 in Sling TV

Sling TV Authorization error 8-12 is a common streaming problem that can occur when opening the Sling TV app on a mobile device, smart TV, or computer. Some users are unable to log into their account, while others encounter a problem when trying to access a channel or stream certain content.

What is causing the Authorization Error 8-12 on Sling TV?

Fire Stick / Roku Stick problem: It turns out that this problem can also be related to data corruption on the device you are using to stream content. This problem has been found with Amazon`s Roku Stick and Fire TV. In this case, the problem can be solved by disabling the streaming device you are actively using.

Missing Widevine infrastructure: If your browser does not support Widevine DRM infrastructure, you will have to install the necessary plugin/addon before you can stream content from places like Sling TV, Netflix, or Amazon. In most browsers, you can simply click the Allow button when prompted. read more

How to fix an iPhone or iPad that cannot be synced. Unknown error -39 has occurred

iPhone or iPad that cannot be synced. Unknown error -39 has occurred

Many iTunes users encounter one of the most common problems with iTunes – error 39 with the message “Unable to sync iPhone (iPad/iPod). An unknown error has occurred (-39).

How does this unknown error occur? The iTunes 39 error usually occurs when syncing or restoring an iPhone iPad iPod using iTunes. Many Apple users suffer from iTunes Error 39, especially when trying to delete photos or videos from their iOS devices or download photos or videos from the iTunes library to their iOS devices. read more

Fixing Error Downloading This Photo From iCloud Library

iCloud is widely used for synchronizing photos between devices or backing up iPhone photos. However, using the iCloud service is not without its problems. The notification shown above appears on your iPhone whenever there are problems downloading photos from iCloud to your iPhone. Not being able to download photos from the iCloud library is one of the most common problems when using iCloud, which can be quite annoying and frustrating.

iCloud is always a good way to share and view valuable photos, and many people are used to backing up their photos with iCloud. However, it seems that many people have encountered the same problem: When trying to download photos from the iCloud photo library, an error has occurred. If you’re one of them and don’t know what to do, just read this article and try the following troubleshooting tips. read more