How to Troubleshoot Print Spooler Keeps Stopping on Windows 10

Print Spooler is a service that manages printers and print jobs in Windows 10. However, several factors such as corrupted files, outdated drivers, and insufficient permissions can prevent it from working properly.

Therefore, if Print Spooler fails, fails to start, or keeps stopping while doing print-related activities on your computer, you should get it working again with the following solutions and recommendations.

What causes the print spooler to stop working?

Sometimes the print spooler stops and fails to run a print job properly due to driver misconfiguration, a virus infection, or other reasons. Alternatively, if you have multiple printers installed and the problem may be related to one of them, it may be due to the Print Spooler Service stopping. read more

How to Troubleshoot ‘Print Driver Host for 32bit Applications has Stopped Working’ on Windows 10

Most users who encountered this error message were using network printers to create a copy of their files. On the other hand, the problem can also occur without printing. The problem may be due to missing or incorrect printer drivers. Don’t worry, because this problem is quite common and can be easily solved.

In this article, you will learn how to solve the “Host printer driver for the application” error.

What causes the “Printer driver host for 32-bit applications no longer works” error?

The “Printer driver host” error is mainly due to the fact that Windows cannot establish a proper network connection to your printer. This is clearly the result of a problem with the drivers in Windows. It seems that Microsoft did not provide a complete list of printer drivers on the OEM installation disk, which prevented the printers from installing correctly. Errors can also be caused by problems in the registry. read more