How to Repair “A Problem Prevented the Document from Being Scanned” on Windows 10

Those of you who use Windows 10 probably know that Microsoft is trying to build several tools into the operating system so that users no longer need third-party apps. These include the scan tool, useful for scanning documents and images, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft App Store.

However, some users have reported problems when using this tool. They claim that they sometimes get the error message “Problem prevented the scanning of the document.” If you too are getting this error message, try following this step-by-step guide that we have prepared for you and you will be able to scan documents in no time. read more

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error 5C20 on Windows 10

The 5C20 error is an error that occurs on many Canon printers, especially the MX series printers. Like most printer-related errors, the 5C20 error prevents the user from printing anything with their device. The 5C20 error is often accompanied by strange clicking noises when the user tries to print something.

A 5C20 error almost always indicates a hardware problem, specifically a problem with the printer’s logic board, which affects its ability to successfully move the rollers and cartridge carriage. read more