The Cortana language does not work under Windows 10

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Microsoft Cortana is the company’s digital support system designed to compete with Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Now and all others. Now that Windows 10 Mobile is almost dead in the water, we can’t know how many people use what Cortana has to offer. Yes, the PDA is an important feature on Windows 10, and some people like to use it.

Cortana Voice does not work

For those using the service, you may have a specific problem with Cortana where no sound comes into play. This is not good, because Cortana is the best when she talks, so if you scratch your hair, please stop because we covered you.

Restart Cortana

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Open the task manager, restart the Cortana process and watch. Right-click Cortana and select End Process. On the File tab page , choose Execute new task. Type cortana.exe and press Enter to restart the process.

Check the rest period settings

You may encounter a problem where Cortana has no voice, but this can be easily solved by cancelling everything you have done via Quiet Hours. All you have to do is turn off Quiet Hours, and it’s not hard to follow it.

First, open the Action Center by pressing Windows + A or by clicking the icon in the right corner of the screen. From there, search and click the Hours of Rest icon to turn it off.

Note that disabling rest periods will wake up your notifications.

Disable digital audio

If two playback devices are enabled on your PC, Cortana may conflict with one of them, causing Microsoft Voice Assist to lose its voice.

Then right-click on the sound icon and select Playback devices from the menu. Locate the digital audio output you are not using and Turn it off and restart the computer from there and check if Cortana returns to itself.

For the situation it does not work, then it is time to take drastic measures to solve the problem once and for all.


Starting Playing Audio Troubleshooter You can easily access it from the Control Panel, Search Taskbar or Troubleshooter tab of our free FixWin 10 software. You can also access it from the Windows 10 Troubleshooting page.

Check if this identifies and solves the problem for you.

Reset Cortana settings

Here is the thing; you must first start Cortana and then go to the Settings section. You will see the option that says: Disable Cortana deletes what Cortana knows about this device, but does not delete anything from the laptop. After disabling Cortana, you can decide what you want to do with everything that is stored in the cloud.

Simply turn it off and restart your computer.

After restarting your computer, reset Cortana.

Let us know if anything has helped you here.

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