Tips to protect the environment with your Windows 7 PC

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You can reduce energy consumption and achieve significant energy savings by using your PC simply by acquiring some good habits.

Here are some tips :

– To reduce energy consumption and especially battery consumption, it is recommended not to change the default configuration defined by the manufacturer. In fact, the monitor automatically goes into sleep mode after a period of inactivity. In this mode, it consumes only 1 to 3 watts of power.

– The most effective way to reduce power consumption when your PC is not in use is to put it to sleep. Instead of turning off your PC every day, restarting and then reopening all your applications, it is better to interrupt PC activity, as the power consumption in this mode is about 5 watts for a desktop PC and 1 watt for a laptop.

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– radio antennas consume a lot of energy and battery when put into service. Windows Vista and Windows 7 natively support the ability to disable the laptop antenna when not in use. This ability to deactivate the antenna for a short period of time helps extend the life of the battery.

New Windows PCs generally have Wi-Fi antenna enabled for better performance, i.e. they are not configured to save power. So it’s up to you to use your wireless antenna to maximize battery life. If you do not need to surf the Internet or connect, you can turn off the Wi-Fi antenna completely.

– Regulate Windows Search indexing. One of the most interesting changes in Windows 7 and Vista is the ability to index everything from PC content, email and documents to images. This is a task that Windows does in the background or while you are doing something else, but it is a task that inevitably consumes energy.

For more tips on how to green your PC, keep your laptop battery and recycle your PC(16)(16).

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