Tor Browser Review : Protect your privacy and surf the Internet safely

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Tor is an abbreviation of The Onion Router. Although the name suggests that it is a router, it is actually a browser. Tor is the browser that represents anonymity and privacy on the Internet. This Tor report talks about how Tor works and how it provides anonymity when you surf the Internet.

Tor Browser Report

Tor vs. other browsers

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Each data packet has a header that informs about the source and destination of the data packet. Even if you use an encrypted connection, packet headers are vulnerable. Anyone between the source and destination can read the packet header to learn more about you and your browsing habits. People who sniff include your Internet service providers, advertising agencies and sometimes even government agencies. Thus, your browsing and what you see on the Internet is influenced by the information that others have collected about you.

Why you need Tor & Why

Tor is designed with a total focus on user privacy. People use Tor to send confidential e-mails. Tor’s high level of security makes it impossible for hackers to know the origin of emails and therefore the sender’s location. Here are some Tor applications that show who needs the world’s most secure browser:

  1. You can send data anonymously.
  2. You can surf the Internet without leaving a trace, because the traces are erased as soon as the data is transmitted from one relay to another. I will go directly to the seasons – in the next section.
  3. You can check websites that are censored in your country – because ISPs don’t know what you want to access.
  4. You can host websites that are difficult to censor because no one knows who hosts the website.

Tor has many uses – especially in a world where users’ privacy has been under the curious scrutiny of various advertising agencies, social networks and government agencies. In addition, your ISPs intercept your connection requests before you connect to a website. With Tor, you leave no data for these agencies.

Tor Relay Network – How Tor Works

The Tor network operates in a relay network formed by people who volunteered for the project. Unlike other browsers that have fixed routers that receive data packets to route them to their destinations, the Tor browser uses a series of relays. To be clear, here is the procedure:

  1. When you enter a URL in the Tor address bar, a random route is created with relay computers on the Tor network.
  2. Each relay computer in the network functions as a router. It receives the data packets and transmits them to the next relay computer on the network after deleting the information on the previous router.
  3. When the data packet leaves the relay computer, all information about the data packet is deleted from the relay computer.
  4. A new relay is installed approximately every ten minutes to better protect your privacy.

The following figure shows the operation of the door :

The goal is clear – to create a relay maze so that all information about the original source on the network is lost. It is therefore impossible for the target website scripts to know who sent the request/data and from where.

What is the Tor package

When you download the Tor package, you get three important programs :

  1. Vidalia GUI
  2. Tor Browser
  3. Tor Button

The first time you download the Tor Pack, you are

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