Uninstalling Groove Music from Windows 10

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By default, Windows 10 comes with some applications installed automatically. While some prefer this attitude, many would not. For example, under Windows 10, some playlists open with Groove Music, even if you want to open them with Windows Media Player. Groove Music App on Windows 10 is a brand new application that lets you play your music collection and create and play playlists.

Normally, you delete or disable this application completely by simply performing a 2-click operation, i.e. right-clicking on an application in the All Applications list in the Start menu and selecting Uninstall. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow you to uninstall this Groove Music application as usual.

As a last option, you can use one Windows Powershell cmdlet to completely remove this application.

Playback: Groove music often crashes.

Remove or uninstall groove music

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Close groove music while it is playing in the background. Click Start Menu, type Windows Powershell, then open PowerShell with administrative rights.

In the PowerShell extended command prompt, type the following command, then click Enter to execute the command:

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers

When you are done, search for Zune Music and copy the ZuneMusic FullName Package. You can right-click on the menu bar and select Edit > Search.

In my case it is Microsoft.ZuneMusic_3.6.12711.0_x64__8wekyb3d8d8bbwekyb. You must use the name as it appears on your PC.

Now run the following command to uninstall Groove Music from your Windows 10 computer:

remove-AppxPackage Microsoft.ZuneMusic_3.6.12711.0_x64__8wekyb3d8d8bbwewe

In the above command, you must use the PackageFullName of Groove Music that you copied in the previous step.

Finally, press Enter to execute the command. that’s all!

The command must be executed without error. When you are finished, return to the Start menu and search for the groove application. It will no longer appear. This will allow you to completely remove or uninstall Groove Music App from your Windows 10.

UPDATE: If the above command does not work for you, use the following command as suggested by Marco Paulan below in the comments :

remove-AppxPackage (Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers|Where{$_.PackageFullName -match `ZuneMusic'}).packageFullName

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