Web Shield Online Web Tracker allows you to recover privacy

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is an online tracking tool that lets you know who is tracking your activities when you visit a website using its web tracker databases on the Internet. I came to know and decided to check.


I installed the privacy and web tracking tool from its homepage. All its files appear to have been installed in the Program File folder and the ProgramdataWebShield folder . I also saw the Uninstall entry in the Control Panel.

My WinPatrol has confirmed that only a new service, C:ProgramdataWebShieldWebShiledShiledShiledService.exe, has been installed to boot with Windows. At the time of writing this post, I was not asked to install any third-party software or toolbars during installation, and I have not seen any toolbars in my browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

After installing this tool when users visit a website, they will see a small balloon in the lower right corner of the website listing the trackers on that page.

Click on it to open another window where you can get more information and allow or block a specific tracking service. By blocking trackers, you can protect your privacy and increase your browsing speed.

When you click View History, you will be directed to your web page on the website where you can view your tracking history.

You can see their processes and the resources they consume in Windows Task Manager 8.1.

Is Webshieldonline safe and legitimate

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This question was asked to me a few days ago by a TWC reader. Is Web Shield Online secure and legal? That is what I have to say:

on WOT. It has been classified 100% virus free by Norton Secured. But before you decide to use it, you can take a look at what it says on its website: >>>>

To keep Web Shield free, we have partnered with high quality advertisers and you can see additional ads if Web Shield is installed. We don’t allow really boring advertising, sexual content or intrusive media; we’ve only partnered with high quality advertisers to provide the best user experience possible.

You can download the Web Shield Online Web Tracker for free and get more information about it from its homepage. I discovered that it worked on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome but not on Opera.

Let us know what you think!

You can also try data protection tools such as Ghostery and PrivacyFix.

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