What Is Cscript.exe, Virus or Not?

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CSCript and WScript are executable files for the scripting host that are used to execute scripts. CSCript and WScript are both interpreters to run VBScript (and other scripting languages such as JScript) on the Windows platform.

What is Cscript.exe?

On Windows, an executable file is either a console application or a Windows application (or a SFU or native application, but that doesn’t matter here).

The kernel checks a flag in the executable to determine which one.

If the kernel creates a console window when the CreateProcess WinAPI function starts, if it is a console application, it creates a console window if the parent process does not have one, and adds the STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR flows to the console.

If it is a Windows application, no console is created and STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR are closed by default.

WSCRIPT.EXE and CSCRIPT.EXE are almost identical except that one is marked as a Windows application and the other as a console application (guess in which direction!).

The answer is therefore: If you want your script to have a console window, use CSCRIPT.EXE. If you don’t want there to be a console window, use WSCRIPT.EXE.

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This also affects some behaviors, such as the WScript.Echo command. In a CSCRIPT.EXE, this writes a line in the console window. In WSCRIPT.EXE, it displays a message box.

The original cscript.exe file is a software component of Microsoft’s Windows script host.
Console Based Script Host is a Windows script host. Cscript.exe is a file that executes scripts from the command line script. This is not a threat to your PC.

Windows Console Based Script Host makes command line options to define script properties. With this command line, users can execute scripts by simply typing their name on the command line. It is a native component of the Windows operating system and is part of the Windows Script Host module. It was first made available under Windows 95, but it is now the default component of all versions of the Windows operating system. Windows Console Based Script Host is compatible with various Active Scripting language engines and is automatically installed with Internet Explorer 5 or later.

Is cscript.exe malicious?

cscript.exe has not yet received a security clearance. The cscript.exe file must be located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Otherwise, it could be a Trojan horse.

Can I stop or delete cscript.exe?

Many non-system processes running can be stopped because they are not involved in running your operating system. cscript.exe is used by Microsoft (r) Windows Script Host. It is an application created by Microsoft Corporation.

If you no longer use Microsoft (r) Windows Script Host, you can permanently remove this software, and therefore cscript.exe, from your PC. Press Windows + R simultaneously and enter ‘appwiz.cpl’. Then find Microsoft (r) Windows Script Host in the list of installed programs and uninstall this application.


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