What is ss3svc64.exe, is it a Virus?

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Some users have contacted us with questions after finding that ss3svc64.exe constantly uses many system resources and (in some cases) runs several instances simultaneously. Some users say that their third-party antivirus marks ss3svc64.exe when they suspect it is a virus, while others say they see a popup every time they start it by asking them to allow SS3Svc64.exe to make a change on the computer.

What is SS3Svc64.exe?

The original SS2Svc32.exe file is a software component of ASUS Sonic Suite 2. Sonic Suite 2 is an audio effects software interface developed by ASUS. SS2Svc32.exe runs the 32-bit base process for the Sonic Suite application. It is not a critical Windows component and can be disabled if necessary.

Sonic Suite 2 is a set of programs that provide virtual audio effects and enhancements. The program provides sound equalization, bass amplification, reverberation, virtual surround sound, predefined audio profiles, noise reduction and amplification, volume stabilization, and more. The program can also be used to diagnose audio problems. Sonic Suite 2 is available for the Windows platform.

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Is ss3svc64.exe Safe?

Although the original SS3Svc64.exe file does not constitute a security risk, you must still take the necessary steps to ensure that the file you are processing is secure. This verification is necessary because modern, more “powerful” malware has camouflage functions – these imitators take the form of legitimate processes and disguise themselves as executable files with extended privileges to prevent them from being detected by security scanners.


If you look at SS3Svc64.exe, it is the perfect target for malware that wants to avoid detection. Often pre-installed and located in a suitable location. Fortunately, several multiple scans will help you determine whether or not you are dealing with a security threat.

The biggest present of all is to check if the parent application is installed. If the Sonic Suite 3 application is not installed, there is no reason for the SS3Svc64.exe process to consume system resources.

Although it is a residual file, it should not be executed without the parent application. If you think the problem is not real, you should check the location of the process. To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager.

Once in the Task Manager, select Process from the list of tabs, then right-click on SS3Svc64.exe and select Open File Tray from the pop-up menu that appears.

If the location of C:\ASUSTeKomputer.Inc\SS2\UserInterface\ differs from C:\Program Files\ and you have not installed Sonic Suite in a custom location, you probably do not process the legitimate file.

You can confirm the suspicion by downloading the file into a malware or virus database such as VirusTotal. This service compares the file against dozens of virus signature databases to determine whether or not it is a security threat.


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