How to know which application the webcam uses under Windows

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Imagine that you are working on your laptop and suddenly realize that the light on your webcam is flashing. Don’t you want to know which application your webcam uses? It can be legitimate software like Skype or malware – so it’s important that you investigate further, especially if it happens more than once! In this article, we will show you how to know which application your webcam uses under Windows 10/8/7 and how you can select which applications your camera uses or can access.

Reading: I am monitored by my computer.

On your Windows 10 computer, use the WinX menu to open the Device Manager and identify the webcam device on your system. You must extend the imaging device. On my laptop, under I see a built-in webcam input (16). Double-click to open the Properties field. Now see the property for Physical Device Object name on the Details tab page. In my case, it is device0000004a.

Right-click and select Copy.

Download Process Explorer from Microsoft Sysinternals now. This free portable tool tells you which program has opened a file, process or directory, with information about which handles and DLL processes have been opened or loaded accordingly.

Once the tool is open, press Ctrl+F to open the search field and paste the text copied here and click Find.

The tool will search all your running processes and see which one of them uses this handle and list the process here.

Once you have identified the process your webcam uses, you can right-click and select Kill Process if you do not want this tool to use the webcam.

If you suspect malware, run a virus scan.

TIP: Prevent webcam hacking attacks with Who Stalks My Cam software.

Choose which applications my webcam can use under Windows 10

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Windows 10 settings allow you to manage and select applications that have access to your webcam and can use your camera. In the WinX menu, open Settings > Privacy > Camera. Here you see the list of applications that have access to your webcam.

Applications can be easily disabled with my camera to deny access to all applications via webcam, or you can disable the switch or enable it to stop or allow access to your camera for each application. This allows you to manage the applications that your webcam can use.

Today, hackers can use remote access technology (RAT) to compromise your system, monitor you, monitor your activities and even record your actions with your own webcam! So, if you are someone who never uses the webcam and is afraid of being monitored or watched, you should disable the webcam. Of course, you can reactivate it at any time if necessary

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