Why New Microsoft Edge Warns Users When Running in Administrator Mode

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Microsoft is currently working on a new version of the Edge browser based on chrome and has provided the necessary DevTools for its improvement. It will soon be available to all. There are potential risks to using the browser in administrator mode, and we will talk about that now.

If you accidentally launch the Edge browser in administrator mode, it will run with administrator rights. This can have serious unintended consequences.

Unlike the traditional Edge browser, the new Edge can be launched with administrator rights. If you accidentally or intentionally launch the Edge browser in administrator mode, a notification warning is displayed to close Microsoft Edge and restart it in non-admin mode for better performance.

Administrator mode gives full access not only to the administrator account, but also to other user accounts on the same computer.

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The message is: “Administrator mode detected. Close Microsoft Edge and restart in Non-management mode for better performance.

A large “Close Microsoft Edge” button is attached to the command prompt that closes the browser when you activate it. Instead, users who want to continue running Edge in administrator mode can click on the small x icon to close the command prompt.

From that moment on, Edge works as an unenhanced copy; no additional prompts appear.

Microsoft explains that running Edge with high privileges negatively affects browser performance. The message may surprise some users because security issues would be a much stronger argument for not using Edge with administrator privileges.

The reason for this is a security feature added in Windows 10. Technically, it was also present in Windows 8, but only affected the Metro applications it contained. Since the application running in the integrated account automatically gets high privileges, applications cannot be used to prevent them from damaging the operating system. Since Microsoft Edge was added as an application in Window’s 10, it is now also affected by this feature in Windows 10.

The message you see can be misleading because it is false. You cannot run Edge in this account by default, but it is possible if you are ready to make changes to your security options. Below are the methods you need to follow once to run Microsoft Edge on an integrated administrator. There are 2 ways, depending on the version of Windows 10 you are using. To check which version of Windows 10 you are using, hold down the Windows key and press R. In the Run Winver dialog box, type Winver and press Enter.


If you see this warning in the next Microsoft Edge, you must close the browser and start it from the desktop icon so that it no longer works with high privileges.

This is another example of how Microsoft Edge developers have adopted Chromium by adding new features and improvements that are not currently available in other Chromium-based browsers.


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