Windows 10 Font Settings: To download fonts from the Microsoft Store

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Fonts finally have a special place in Windows 10 settings. I’ve been using Windows for years, and fonts are one of my favorite features for playing with themes. We all love having our own favorite font anywhere on Windows, and with Windows 10 v1803 Microsoft has made it easier.

Windows Font Settings 10

Open Settings > Custom > Fonts. This is the new font focus, allowing you to see all fonts as they are, and you can even manipulate them. When you get here, you’ll see:

  • A list of fonts available on your PC with information on the number of font areas for each one.
  • Name font search bar.
  • Sort by language possible.

For details, press one of the fonts. I would suggest choosing one with at least two fonts. Here you can:

  • Change font size and view a live preview of each font.
  • Scroll a little and you can choose the font you want on your PC.
  • An uninstall button tells you exactly what it can do.

Install Microsoft Store fonts

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In addition to the Windows 10 font settings, there is a link entitled Get More Fonts in Microsft Store. Just like the extensions, Microsoft has made them available via the shop. Facilitates management and opens a market for those who want to sell policies.

Press one of the fonts and click the GET button. This downloads the font to your PC.

Apply fonts to Windows 10 PC

You download fonts in TTF and OTF formats, and currently you cannot install fonts from the Font Settings window. You must insert it in the font folder. So you can’t, at least not directly. Fonts are used by websites, applications and many other things and are installed on your PC so that you can view them the way you intended. You can resize and preview the font and its different faces. I hope that one day Microsoft will be able to give a direct option to install new fonts immediately or at least allow them to use the fonts installed on the computer.

How do you find this new feature?

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