Windows 8 and SkyDrive: Metro Style App, Desktop Integration, Remote File Fetching

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Today’s announcement by Microsoft is a big step forward for personal cloud storage and SkyDrive. In a blog entry today, Microsoft made available an update as Windows 8 users imagine it, wishing cloud storage as a disk that would be securely available to them at any time and on any of their devices to share their files and folders with people of their choice.

Microsoft currently provides personal cloud storage for 17 million active SkyDrive users, who currently store approximately 10 petabytes of data. Microsoft expects this number to increase beyond what some of the largest providers support on the Internet today.

Today’s SkyDrive website, as we know it today, will turn into a cloud of devices for Windows clients with Windows 8. And that’s a big step, because users asked for it – and Microsoft did.

The 3 most important things that can be highlighted are :

  • SkyDrive will be a central part of Windows 8 with the SkyDrive Metro Style application
  • SkyDrive will be integrated into Windows Explorer on the desktop
  • Ability to recover remote files via

These Windows 8 blog-post teams conversations on this topic in detail, let us review the main points.

SkyDrive Metro Style App under Windows 8

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This new SkyDrive application will be available with Windows 8 Consumer Preview (to be released on February 29, 2010). This application was created using modern web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. And with the latest updates from, the same JSON APIs and JavaScript object models were also available. This makes navigation on SkyDrive fast, smooth, fast and easy. And one of the most powerful features of Windows 8 is the ability to integrate SkyDrive functionality with other applications. SkyDrive is available in all Metro applications and the new Share Charm in Windows 8.

It brings a cloud of files to any Metro application, allowing you to open files in your SkyDrive and save them directly to your SkyDrive, just like on your local hard drive.

This works with any application that supports opening and saving documents and photos, and it will be the first time such a thing is possible without installation or configuration. All you have to do is register your email address on a PC running Windows 8, and then, when you save files to SkyDrive, each Windows 8 device you use provides seamless access to those files.

For application developers, this means that if your application supports opening and saving documents and photos, SkyDrive is supported automatically and without additional effort.

(1)SkyDrive will also be available via share charm, which allows you to send documents or photos via the mail application under Windows 8. You can share files via SkyDrive instead of sending them as attachments,

SkyDrive on the desktop

In addition to the SkyDrive application, the power of SkyDrive can be used on any Windows 8 (and Windows Vista, Windows 7) desktop via Windows Explorer and also on desktop applications such as Office. It was one of the most requested features by Windows users to integrate SkyDrive with the desktop, and Microsoft finally delivered it. The simple drag and drop download of SkyDrive, access to your data, offline access and the power of Windows Explorer to manage your files and folders will be of great use.

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