Windows 8 scroll bar difficult to see or use? Windows 8 Change the width of the scroll bar

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What happens when a person with large fingers touches a scroll bar and attempts to move it up, down or over. He’s not doing very well, is he? This is the problem that has long occupied some people working on touch-sensitive Windows 8 laptops or tablets. The scroll bar is a vertical or horizontal bar that appears when you scroll through the content. It is visible on the outside of the screen and sometimes also at the bottom of the screen. If you have difficulty seeing or using the Windows 8 scroll bar, you can change the width of the Windows 8 scroll bar.

Here you will learn how to change the scrollbar width in Windows 8.1.

Change window 8 Scrollbar width

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Press Win+R in combination to display the Run dialog box. In the dialog box that appears, type REGEDIT and click the OK button. When prompted by UAC, click Yes.

Select the key and double-click the word ScrollHeight‘ in the right pane of WindowsMetrics.

A window should appear immediately on the screen (EDIT DWORD). Enter a data value in the value data field of the window. The default value for the scrolling width is -225. 500 will double the width, which should be good. However, you can enter any value up to 1500. You could say 1400 to make it even bigger. Remember that the higher the value, the wider the scroll bar.

Next, double-tap ScrollWidth in the right pane of WindowMetrics. In the EDIT DWORD window, enter the same data value as for ScrollHeight and press OK.

Close Windows registry editor. For the changes to take effect, you must log out and log back into your user account. Open the File Explorer and you will notice that the width of the scroll bar has changed.

This should solve your problem. Now you can easily move the scroll bar up or to the side without too much effort.

Of course – Back up your registry or create a system restore point first !

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