Windows Error Code and Message Lookup Tools

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Has your Windows installation ever been flooded with an error code and knew where to find it? There are tools that can help you identify the error code and error message that Windows can display. Let’s take a look at some of these free tools that can help you understand the meaning of such Windows error codes and messages.

Windows Error Code & Message Search Tools

Windows Error Error Lookup Tool, Error Messages, ErrMsg, ErrMsg, Error Goblin for Windows are free error code search tools that can help you recognize the meaning of Windows error codes. This article also includes useful download links and web pages that can help you identify error codes and verify error messages.

Error messages for Windows

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Error messages for Windows allow you to search for Microsoft Windows error codes and display a descriptive message that explains what the numeric code really means. You can also view and print all error codes and messages defined for your Windows version. Error messages for Windows have been updated for Windows 8 and can be downloaded from the home page.

Windows Troubleshooting

The Windows Error Finder is another tool, such as Error Goblin or ErrMsg, that can help you find Windows error codes. If you have software that generates digital error codes, you can use these tools to find out what they mean.

Microsoft Error Code Search Tool

The Microsoft Error Code Lookup Tool, can say that it is Exchange, but it also covers Exchange, Windows and a number of other Microsoft products. This command line tool can help determine error values from decimal and hexadecimal error codes in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Windows Error Code Search

Windows Error Code Document lists general usage details for these Win32 error codes, HRESULT values and NTSTATUS values. The Events and Errors Message Center allows you to search and find detailed explanations of messages, user recommended actions and links to resources and additional support. This article on Windows errors, system error messages and error codes gives you the complete list and meaning of errors.


The error-finding tool provides a simple and easy to understand user interface. All you have to do is enter your error code and all the details will be displayed in the lower part. Details such as the error description and the corresponding system module are displayed.

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