Age of Empires: The siege of the castle is a great disappointment

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There’s a cool game we like to play, and that’s Age of Empires : Castle Siege. We started playing this game on a mobile phone a little over a year ago, but we stopped earlier. But we came back to see what’s changed, and we’ll talk about it.

For those who live all their lives under a rock, Age of Empires: Castle Siege is an RTS game for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The game is based on the popular series, but it is quite different because it was developed with mobile and micro-transactions in mind.

Age of Kingdoms: Castle Siege

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This is one of those games where it is designed to frustrate players in the hope of spending money. We hate this kind of game because there is no limit to what a person can spend.

A regular video game costs $60, but if you are a new player who spends $60 on items, you still can’t build a base and play at the same level compared to a player who has been playing for six months but has never spent a cent.

This is one of those games where developers don’t care if you spend $1000 on microtransactions as if a game was worth that much.

But let’s talk about the game!

Age of kingdoms: Castle Siege has a size of about 550MB on the desktop. Once installed and started for the first time, your Xbox Live account is required to log in and play. This game is still online, so remember before you start.

Once the player is fully involved, he can start building his base. Players must build walls for defense, including to stimulate the economy, and hire soldiers to attack other players and defend the base. This may sound fun, and it is, but the fun disappears quickly when you have a good thing going.

Each time the player moves up a level, the next upgrade takes longer and costs more. If a player wants to update his dungeon, it can take 2 days, which is 2 days in the real world. Who wants to wait two days for an upgrade in a video game? Not most people, and that’s where micro-transaction comes in.

Don’t you want to wait 2 days? Immediately complete the upgrade with 500 gold coins. Don’t you have 500 gold pieces? Go to the store and get some.

Probably the best aspect of Age of Empires: Castle Siege, is the multiplayer function. Players can form alliances with other players to strengthen their base. Alliance members can share soldiers to defend their bases and attack enemy bases. It is even possible to communicate with players via the chat menu.

What about gameplay?

We’re sorry, there’s no real gameplay here. Everything works automatically, and that’s a big problem. When a player attacks an enemy base, soldiers move wherever they want. Although it is possible to direct them, it becomes a problem after they have achieved a goal because they will do their own thing again.

The whole system becomes a massive puzzle when different units are controlled simultaneously. It is difficult to develop a solid strategy if the enemy base is well defended.

Overall, this game is a disgrace to the Age of Empires game series. I don’t recommend it unless you have a lot of time and money to waste.

The Age of Kingdoms: Castle Siege is available for download from the Windows store.

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