Analyze and optimize TCP/IP with TCP Optimizer for Windows PC

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TCP is the de facto transport protocol on the Internet. It ensures that information is sent and received over the Internet for any type of content. They’re everywhere. When you upload a website, send an email or watch a movie on YouTube. Today, it is one of the basic protocols of the Internet Protocol (IP). It is also responsible for ensuring that the data sent is managed so that there are no bottlenecks. However, TCP/IP can be further optimized. In this article, we share how to analyze and optimize TCP/IP with TCP Optimizer. It is a software which makes it possible to optimize TCP/IP.

Analyzing and optimizing TCP/IP with TCP Optimizer

There are two parts. First the analysis and then the optimization. You can analyze by visiting this link on their website. The analysis displays a series of messages that you may not fully understand, except for bits and pieces. The basic idea that is easy to understand is that there are some parameters for TCP that can be modified to allow the transfer of a larger amount of data. The default settings limit the amount of data. You will receive details about MTU, MSS, RWIN, etc. What you should see is if there is anything that suggests you change the values and optimize TCP.

I have received the following messages:

  • MTU is optimized for PPPoE DSL broadband. If this is not the case, you should increase the MTU to 1500 to obtain an optimal flow.
  • MSS is optimized for PPPoE DSL broadband. If not, increase your MTU value.
  • The RWIN is not fully optimized. The value unscaledRWIN is smaller than it should be. You can use one of the RWIN values recommended below.

Keep this page open because you need it to optimize TCP on your PC with its software.

How to optimize TCP/IP

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TCP Optimizer is a portable software that changes little at the network level and little at the registry settings level. Best of all, it’s a very small portable application. Suggest keeping a copy in your inbox. Once you have downloaded it from here, start it with administrator rights.

  • After starting, it executes a series of commands that help it keep settings on your PC.
  • The first thing to do is to select the right Internet speed using the software cursor.
  • Then look at the analysis you received above and see what values you can change. If you’re not feeling well, you can jump him.
  • There are four possibilities:
    • By default — ; When you want to return to the original settings, select this option.
    • Current — ; Current settings
    • Optimal — ; Safest way for the software to select the best for you.
    • Custom — Use this if you know it clearly. In my case, I changed the MTU value to 1500 and also optimized the RWN value.

Those who wonder how to choose the optimal parameters, then it is because of the advanced algorithm in the software. Depending on PC to PC and network, it finds the best TCP settings for your specific connection speed.

For those who understand the technical details, TCP/IP parameters like MTU, RWIN and even advanced parameters like QoS and ToS/Diffserv prioritization are defined. Although the application is primarily intended for broadband applications, you can use it on almost any connection.

TCP Optimizer properties:

  • If your PC has multiple network adapters, you can optimize them.
  • Restore/save parameters.
  • Direct option to reset TCP/IP and WINSOCK.
  • The Custom option allows you to select different types of optimization, including disabled, severely restricted, normal, restricted and experimental.
  • You can return to the Windows default settings at any time.
  • Check MTU/latency.

After making new settings, you will be prompted to restart your PC for best results. I will always suggest that you keep an eye on your Internet browsing performance and make sure that it has stayed the same or improved. If a problem occurs, select to return to the default Windows settings.

Fun Fact – Windows comes with an automatic setup function first published with Windows Vista. It is available under Windows 10, and many disable it because of some problems. The main reason to disable it is if you are using an old router and autotuning does not suit it well.

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