Best desktop application starters for Windows 10/8/7

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Windows 10 offers many new features that you can explore and offers one of the best user interfaces. However, if you have too many important files and applications on your desktop, it is obvious that you have trouble organizing them. We have listed the best desktop application launcher for Windows 10/8/7. These free applications, also called docks, help you start your applications faster and organize your desktop.

It is often boring to find an object on the desktop that has no icon organization. For example, imagine you want to quickly open an important file or quickly add entries to your calendar task list. It is simply difficult to find and access the program in the hot spot desktop icons. In addition, some of them may want to start software programs even faster, simply by a series of clicks on the keyboard.

Desktop application launcher for Windows 10

Whether it’s organizing the desktop, quickly accessing files or running programs at high speed by clicking and clicking keyboards, App Launcher works great for organizing your desktop. With App Launcher, you can make your desktop more productive by creating free desktop space and having easy access to files without using the mouse. To save you time, we present some of the best launchers of applications for Windows 10/8/7 that you prefer to increase your efficiency.


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If you are looking for an application launcher that works well on your Windows 10 and does not require installation after installation, Launchy is exactly the application launcher you want to install. Launchy is available in both regular and portable versions. They are all ready to be installed. The program has a search bar with a control panel icon. If you want to open a program, just enter the name in the search bar and you will receive a result suggestion in fractions of a second. Click on the program you want to open in the search results. With applications, Launchy allows you to open old files and folders, open web searches, and run shell commands. You can customize Launchy with skins and plugins.


The Appetizer is a lightweight application launcher that can be installed both as a normal application and as a portable version. After installation, you can use Appetizer to enter the program list for easy access. You can select any program from the Start menu or from any location. Unlike the other program starters listed here, which spontaneously index all programs after installation, Appetizer wants you to add your favorite shortcuts for faster access. You can also customize the launcher with plugins and skins. You can download it here.


The executor is a single application launcher that takes up about 1MB of space. This small application, which takes up less space, has many functions. After installation, the executor displays a list of recently viewed files, indexes all installed programs, menu items and much more. Just click on it in the taskbar and enter the name of the application you want to open. Executor opens the application in no time. It also works perfectly with URLs, so if you want to access a specific website, all you have to do is enter its address and you will have your desired website opened in the standard browser in no time. (2)

Executor allows you to assign a keyword to a program so that the next time you want to open the same file, you simply enter the keyword instead of a full name. You can also perform functions such as clipboard discovery and system shutdown using App keywords. With App Launcher, you can divide keywords into groups. It is a perfect alternative to a standard Windows search engine. You can also customize the executor with layouts and skins. Download it here.


RocketDock is one of the most popular application launchers because it has been overused in many versions of Windows. It is modeled on the Mac OS X boot bar and provides an animated response when you hover your mouse over the applications collected on the Dock. This is located at the top of the screen, and you can simply drag your favorite application icons to have them in one place. The docking station keeps all your favorite keyboard shortcuts intact for quick and easy access. Like other applications, you can customize the dock with skins and other add-ons.


WinLaunch is a free software to add an OS X like Launchpad under Windows. With WinLaunch, you can attach programs, just like with the taskbar. The best thing about this tool is that you can open the Launchpad or Launcher with a combination of keys or simply with the mouse.

XWindows Dock

XWindows Dock takes the Mac Launcher toolbar as a template and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. This dock is quite complicated to use at first, but unlike other docks, it offers enormous customization possibilities. Although you can easily add shortcuts for easy access, as in other docks, X Window Docks offer extraordinary graphic effects options like transparency, blur, shadows, highlights and more. The Dock supports new stack containers to add plugins with grid/fan views. Some Apple Tool options are also available in the XWindows docking station.

Wait until there are more launchers and docks you might want to try : ViPad | Wox | SyMenu | SideSlide | Free Launch Bar | Slider Dock | RK Launcher | MobyDock DX | Circle Dock.

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