The 10 most common passwords to avoid

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Is it difficult to choose a password? In fact, choosing the right password is not difficult – but he is sure to remember it! Every day, we use several passwords. These passwords are used for online transactions, connecting to social accounts, opening emails or even protecting important documents. However, most people tend to choose common passwords that are easy to remember, too simple and easy to hack.

Here is a list of the 10 most common passwords that everyone should avoid. You will be surprised to learn that, according to security researchers, these shared passwords are used daily by millions of people around the world. Hacking these passwords is therefore child’s play for hackers.

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If asked to set a password, what do you think? It is often a simple pattern of numbers, a sport name or a common name. You are not alone. Many people around the world use simple passwords and sometimes their usernames. These are the usual passwords that should be avoided because they are easy to crack.

      1. Digital passwords : When we talk about numerical passwords, the most common password is 123456‘. So it’s also a bad password and you have to avoid it completely. In addition, many people use’12345678‘, ‘1234‘, ‘1234567‘, ‘123456789‘ and even ‘1234567890‘. Some of them are long passwords, but they are easy to guess.
      2. Numeric passwords with repeated digits: In addition to the above passwords, numeric passwords with repeated digits are also used. In this category, the password’11 1111′ is one of the most common. Other common passwords follow, such as’0000‘, ‘1212‘, ‘7777‘, 1001‘, ‘2000‘, ‘2000‘, ‘1010‘, ‘2020‘ and so on. These numbers are not only used as passwords, but are also the usual PIN numbers for ATM transactions. They must be avoided completely.
      3. Password : Don’t be surprised here. This is the second most frequently used password in the world. The password‘ itself serves as the password. Other variations of this word are: password1’, ‘PASSWORD‘, ‘p@ssword‘ and passw0rd‘. But hackers know that too.
      4. Qwerty : You saw it coming, didn’t you? QWERTY” (all caps) or ‘qwerty” (all lowercase) is also one of the most common passwords on this earth. Another variant is’qwertyuiop‘. You thought you were the only one using it? It is easy to remember because all these elements form the first line of the keyboard.
      5. Sports names : People love sports and they love using these names as passwords. Of all sport names used as common passwords, the most common are ‘football‘, ‘baseball‘, ‘hockey‘, ‘hockey‘, ‘soccer‘ and ‘golfer‘. Not only sport names, but also certain words related to sport are very often used as passwords. These include jordan‘, ‘yankees‘, ‘eagles‘, ‘arsenal‘, ‘ashley‘, ‘ashley‘ and ‘nascar‘. Have you used one lately?
      6. General words about the connection : You guessed it right. Welcome’ is one of the most common passwords. Other common passwords are: letmein‘, ‘login‘, ‘enter‘, ‘admin‘, ‘pass‘, ‘pass‘, ‘access‘ and ‘secret‘.
      7. Alphanumeric passwords: Ideally, alphanumeric passwords are stron passwords. g Passwords. However, if you use’abcd123‘ or ‘abc123‘, your account will be hacked in no time. Other common passwords in this category are’trustno1‘, ‘password1‘ and ‘welcome1‘.
      8. Animal names : Some people try animal names. The most common passwords in this category are’monkey‘, ‘dolphin‘ and ‘tiger‘; again the wrong passwords.
      9. Pet name: You would certainly argue here that each person’s name is different. Then how can you tell? But surprisingly, many pet owners choose the names of their pets, which are very common. These include Charlie‘, ‘Bella‘, ‘coco‘, ‘max‘, ‘max‘, ‘Lucy‘, ‘oreo‘, ‘oreo‘ and so on. Therefore, these names are also the most common passwords, which should be completely avoided.
      10. Other common passwords : Other common passwords are ‘dragon‘, ‘master‘, ‘princess‘, ‘princess‘, ‘solo‘, starwars‘, ‘iloveyou‘, ‘michael‘, ‘superman‘, ‘batman‘, ‘batman‘, ‘shadow‘ and ‘sunshine‘.

We have tried to list as many common passwords as possible that should be avoided. Apart from that, you should also avoid important dates, date of birth (your loved ones), child’s name, spouse’s name, place of birth and preferred vacation destination as a password.

In today’s world, it is necessary to create strong passwords that contain alphanumeric characters, special characters and a mixture of upper and lower case letters. Even better, if you create passphrases with ASCII.

You can use good free password management software or an online password manager that not only helps you remember and store your passwords safely, but also creates strong passwords every time. There are several random online password generators. Our Freeware PassBox is a handy little tool that remembers all your passwords and even generates strong passwords for your account. You can also try this free portable password generator.

We hope this information will help you protect your online identity and data at all times.

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