Err_Connection_Reset Error in Chrome Repair

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If you want to access a website with your browser and receive the message “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” instead, it means that the connection could not be established correctly. As a result, the connection was “reset”. The error normally associated with code 101 is particularly common in Chrome (Google browser), but Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. also display similar error messages such as “The connection was reset”, indicating a connection problem. Unlike HTTP error messages, such as “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”, the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” message does not directly indicate whether the problem is caused by the client, server or network.

Fix Err_Connection_Reset error in Google Chrome.

In fact, there are four reasons why this error can occur in Google Chrome:

  • Your Internet connection is disabled or interrupted.
  • Your ISP is blocking some websites.
  • The firewall blocks some websites.
  • Old entries in the register.

Increase MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)

In addition, the increase in Internet speed helps. This means that you can increase the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), RWIN (TCP Window Receive) settings.

  • Go to Settings > Network and Internet > Ethernet
  • Note the active wireless / wired network connection, for example Ethernet.
  • Open the command prompt with administrator privileges.
  • Type the following command in CMD and press Enter :

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netsh interface IPv4 set subinterface “Ethernet 4” mtu=1472 store=persitent

Clear the browser cache

  1. Open Google Chrome and press Ctrl + H to open the history.

2. Click on Delete navigation data in the left pane.

3. make sure that “beginning of times” is selected under Obliterate the following elements of.

4. Also check the following box:

  • Navigation history
  • Download history
  • Cookies and other father and plugin data
  • Caching images and files
  • Fill in the form data automatically
  • Passwords

5. Now click on Delete navigation data and wait until it is ready.

Disable antivirus or real-time protection

If the problem persists, check the antivirus program settings in the next step. Make sure that your antivirus program has an option to restrict access to the network for certain applications. Make sure that the Chrome application is included in the list of authorized network access programs.

On Windows 10, do the following to disable real-time protection.

  1. Go to the Start menu, then to Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Update and Security option.
  3. Disable “Real-time protection” in the Windows Defender tab.

Reset the chrome settings to the default values.

To reset Chrome to the default settings:

1. click on the Chrome menu icon in the upper right corner) and select Settings.

2. Scroll down the settings page and click Show Advanced Settings.

3. at the bottom of the page, click on Restore settings to original default values.

4. click on Reset Settings.

Execute the Netsh Winsock reset command

To do this, open the Admin prompt, type the following, then press Enter after each message:

ipconfig /flushdnsnsnsns
ipconfig /registerdns
nbtstat -r
netsh int IP reset
netsh winsock reset


These are the most useful methods to correct the Err_Connection_Reset error. Remember to always read the settings and the command carefully before entering these values, even a small error can affect your computer.

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